How to Access the WhatsApp Cloud API

On this page, there are step-by-step instructions on how to create a WABA to access the WhatsApp cloud API and how to connect your phone number to your WABA.

Below are the steps to create a WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) to access the WhatsApp Cloud API. Before you follow the steps, you must have the following:

Step 1: Set up Your Facebook Developer Account

1.1. Sign up or log in to the Facebook for Developers account. Go to My Apps and then select Create App.

Facebook for developers dashboard.

1.2. Select Business as your app type and press Next.

Window for selecting business as an app type.

1.3. Enter basic information about your business:

  • App name
  • Contact email
  • Business Manager account (optional),

Click Create app.

Create app button.

1.4. On your Meta dashboard, scroll down to WhatsApp. Click Set Up.

WhatsApp app on Meta dashboard.

1.5. Select your Meta Business Account or leave it unselected (Facebook will automatically create a new account) and click Continue.

Selecting a Meta Business Account.

1.6. Press Start using the API.

Start using the API button on Meta for Developers dashboard.

1.7. [Optional] Send a free message with the provided test phone number to your personal WhatsApp number to test the integration.

Window for testing the integration.

Step 2: Connect Your Phone Number

2.1. Scroll down and click on Add phone number.

Add phone number button.

2.2. Fill in your business information and press Next.

Window for filling in business information.

2.3. Fill in your WhatsApp Business profile information and press Next. Your display name must follow some guidelines and best practices mentioned in WhatsApp Display Name.

Window for fillin in WhatsApp Business profile information.

2.4. Add a phone number for your WhatsApp Cloud API and click Next. Please, ensure this number is not registered with another WhatsApp account (or WhatsApp app on your phone). If the number is registered with another account, you must delete that account first.

Window for adding a phone numnber for WhatsApp Cloud API.

2.5. Verify your phone number by entering a 6-digit code that you receive on this number. Select Next.

Window for phone number verification.

That’s it! Your WABA with WhatsApp Cloud API is created and your phone number is connected to your account.

Since the API does not have a chat interface, you cannot use it to send and receive messages. For that, you’d need to connect it to a CRM or a team inbox, like Rasayel.