Migrate Between WhatsApp Products

WhatsApp allows businesses to migrate their phone numbers in different WhatsApp products. However if you want to switch from one Business Solution Provider (BSP) to another for WhatsApp Business API, you must check with your origin BSP. Some BSPs make it hard for businesses to switch from them. For example, they expect businesses to buy phone number from them and don’t allow them to take their number to a new BSP. Below are the migrations WhatsApp supports:

  • From WhatsApp Messenger App or WhatsApp Business App to WhatsApp Business API (you’ll experience downtime in your conversations)
  • From WhatsApp Messenger App or WhatsApp Business App to WhatsApp Cloud API
  • From WhatsApp Business API to WhatsApp Cloud API (depending on your origin BSP)
  • From WhatsApp Business API with one BSP to WhatsApp Business API with another BSP

Migrated phone numbers retain the following:


With your source WhatsApp Business Account, you can continue to send and receive messages without disruption until the number registration and migration to the destination account is completed. Immediately after the migration is complete, you can send and receive messages on your destination account.

Message templates

WhatsApp duplicates all high-quality message templates in the source WhatsApp account and automatically approves them in the destination account. If your destination WhatsApp account cannot accommodate all of the templates, WhatsApp duplicates as many templates as the destination WABA limit allows.

Low-quality, rejected, or pending templates will not be duplicated. Existing message templates in the destination account will not be affected.

Billing migration

Messages sent before migration are charged to the source BSP. Messages sent after migration are charged to the destination BSP. If you send messages from the source BSP and they don’t get delivered before migration, they are still charged to the source BSP when they get delivered.


  • Test business phone numbers issued by WhatsApp cannot be migrated.
  • Message and chat history is not migrated with this process.
  • The API does not support bulk migration of phone numbers; If you have more than one phone number in your WABA, they must be migrated individually.