Submitting your Templates

How to Submit Your Message Templates for Approval on WhatsApp Manager

You can submit your message templates from your WhatsApp Manager or if the WhatsApp inbox/CRM you are using allows it, you may submit from there too. If you’re a Rasayel user, check out Rasayel’s WhatsApp Message Template chapter to see how you can submit your templates for approval from Rasayel.

Below are the steps to create and submit your message templates on WhatsApp Manager. Make sure you read How to Get Your Message Templates Approved before you submit a message template.

  1. Go to and log in to your business account.
  2. Under Business settings, on the left side click on Accounts, followed by WhatsApp Accounts, and then Settings on the right side. Scroll down to see WhatsApp Manager and click on it.

  1. A tab will open. Click the 3-dot icon and select Manage message templates.

  1. On the next page, select Create Template.
  2. Select the Category of your message template, write a Name for it and choose all of the Languages in which you would like to write your message. Read Compulsory Fields under How to Get Your Message Template Approved while completing this part. Select Continue to go to the next step.

  1. Write the Body of your message. If necessary, select a Header, Footer, and Buttons. See Optional Fields under How to Get Your Message Template Approved while completing this part.

  1. You can add a sample for the variables and parameters of your message. Make sure the samples are examples and do not include any confidential or personal information of your customers. Press Done.

  1. Press Submit. That’s it!

Right after submitting your template, its status becomes β€œIn-Review”. If it is accepted, the status changes to β€œActive - Quality pending” on your WhatsApp Manager. Templates in these states can be used immediately. If the template is rejected, the status will be β€œRejected”.

Whenever the status of your template changes, WhatsApp notifies you via email and WhatsApp Manager notification.