Official Business Account (OBA) and Green Tick

What is an Official WhatsApp Business Account (OBA)?

An Official WhatsApp Business Account (OBA) is a business account given to brands that WhatsApp considers to be notable and authentic. Businesses with this status get a green checkmark badge in their profile and next to the header in the chat thread.

An OBA merely suggests that the business represents a well-known brand or entity on the internet and adds credibility and status to your account. It does not indicate that WhatsApp endorses this business.

Example of a message sent by an Official WhatsApp Business Account.

Who Could Apply for an Official WhatsApp Business Account (OBA)?

Businesses that use the WhatsApp Business Platform, WhatsApp Business API or WhatsApp Cloud API, can apply for the OBA. WhatsApp does not give OBA to individuals, business employees, test accounts or users of the WhatsApp Business App.

Tips and tricks to increase the chances to get a green tick

  1. Have 3 to 5 PR articles about your company in publications with sizable audiences
  2. Be at least on Tier 2 messaging level.
  3. Have a detailed Wikipedia article on your business
  4. 10k or more likes/followers on Facebook and Instagram can get you closer to verification
  5. Make sure your business is not in violation of WhatsApp’s policies, especially WhatsApp’s Commerce Policy.

Benefits of Official WhatsApp Business Account (OBA)?

The green tick guarantees your brand’s trustworthiness and sends a positive signal to your customers that they can interact with your business without the risk of being scammed.

It will help you:

  • Minimize the risk of being blocked by your customers
  • Increase the read rate of your messages, resulting in higher ROI on your messaging costs

How to Request a WhatsApp Official Business Account?

Applying for an OBA is free but it is very difficult as only well-known brands that have a high search rate on the internet can get it.

Any business using the WhatsApp Business platform can request an official business account in WhatsApp Manager.

Before you begin

Make sure that:

Request official business account

Here’s how to request an official business account:

  1. Go to Business Setting and select your business. Under Account, click on WhatsApp Accounts. On the right side, click on Settings. Scroll down to see WhatsApp Manager.
  2. In the WhatsApp accounts section, find and click the phone number for which you want to request an official business account.
  3. In the Profile section, find Official business account and click Submit request.
  4. Enter the required information. You may submit up to five supporting links to show that your business is notable.
  5. Click Submit.

WhatsApp will notify you whether your request is accepted or rejected. If accepted, you’ll receive a green tick next to your name at the chat header. If rejected, you can apply for OBA after 30 days.