Facebook Business Account

On this page, you learn how to create a Facebook Business Account, when you need to verify your Facebook Business Account and how to verify it.

According to Meta, businesses need to verify their Facebook Business Account only if they want to:

  • Send message templates to more than 50 unique customers in a rolling 24-hour
  • Connect more than two phone numbers to their WABA

If you want to access the WhatsApp Business API you should know that some Business Solution Providers (BSPs) require businesses to verify their Facebook Business Accounts when creating a WABA. This is regardless of the number of message templates they want to send in a 24-hour and the number of phone numbers they want to connect.

How to Create a Facebook Business Account

You must already have a personal Facebook account to verify your identity.

Log in to your personal Facebook account. Go to business.facebook.com/overview. Click Create an account.

Create an account button on Facebook Business.

Enter a name for your business, your name and work email address and click Submit.

Window for adding a name and work email.

Confirm your email address. Press Done.

Email confirmation window.

Once you confirm your email, you’ll be taken to your Business Setting Page.

How to Verify Your Facebook Business Account

The verification steps can take about 10 minutes. Here is what you need to know before you begin:

  • You’ll need to be an admin of the Meta Business Manager account to verify your business.
  • You are eligible to complete your business verification if you see a Start verification button in Security Centre in your business settings.
  • If you’re an advertiser based in China, you may be asked to complete bank account verification. You can learn more about it on Verify your business with your business bank account.
  • If you use monthly invoicing to pay for ads, you don’t need to submit documents for business verification. When you start the verification process, you can fill out the form with your credit line information. If you don’t see that option, make sure that the Business Manager you’re trying to verify is linked to a credit line that you own, not one that is shared with another business.

Go to the Security Center of your Facebook Business manager. Click on Start Verification.

Security center in Facebook Business manager.

A window will pop up. Click on Get Started.

Pop up window with Get started button.

Select the country where your business is located. Click Next.

Selecting a country where the business is located.


Add your company address information. Click Next.

Window for adding company address information.

Upload supporting documents to verify that your business exists. If you’re not sure which documents to submit, click on accepted documents. This differs from country to country. You can find more information on Facebook’s page for acceptable official documents.

Select how you would like Facebook to send you a verification code. The phone number option may not be available in some countries. Click Next.

Selecting a contact method.

If you selected Email in the previous step, you need to type in your email address in this step. Your email address domain must be the same as your company domain. Click Send Email.
If you selected SMS in the previous step, confirm your number and click Text Me Now. Learn when to use domain verification to verify your business here.

Email confirmation window.


WhatsApp sends you an email or SMS or calls you to give you the code depending on your selection in the previous step. Copy the code and paste it into the field. Click Next.

Confirmation code window.

You now have to wait for Meta to notify you about the status of your verification.

Frequently Aske Questions

How long does it take for Meta to verify my Facebook Business account? How will they notify me?‍

Facebook does not have a specific timeline for how long verification takes. If your documents are clear, verification can be completed in one week. If there are issues with validating the documents you’ve submitted, it can take months.

Most businesses are able to verify their account without issues.

Can I edit my business details?

Yes. After Meta verifies your business, you can edit your details. If your business’s legal name, phone number, or physical address changes, you can update them in the Security Centre. Any changes will require you to complete the business verification process again.

What happens if Meta cannot verify my account?

If Meta cannot verify your business, they might ask you to submit your ID before attempting verification again. On When to submit your ID for business verification, you can find more information about it.

They may also ask you to upload additional documents, such as a certificate of incorporation or a business license. For more information on the types of acceptable documents for each country, please visit Upload official documents to verify your business.

What if Meta still cannot verify my account?

Check out Meta’s Troubleshooting page for more information on what to do.

What happens if I provide false or misleading information?

Here is what Meta says: β€œIf you provide false or misleading information during your verification process, attempt to claim and verify a business that you aren’t authorized to represent, or otherwise attempt to circumvent our verification review systems, Meta may prevent your business from being verified, remove your business’s verification status or take additional action on the account.”