Click-to-WhatsApp Ads on Facebook

You can run ads on Facebook and Instagram with click-to-WhatsApp buttons. When customers click on it, their WhatsApp Messenger app opens and they can chat with you.

Rasayel Click-to-WhatsApp ad.

How to Create an Ad with Click-to-WhatsApp Button?

You must already have a Facebook page to create an ad. Follow the steps in Create a Facebook Page to create a page.

On your Facebook page, click on the “show menu” icon on the left hand side.

The β€œshow menu” button on a Facebook page.

Click on Create ads.

The β€œCreate ads” button on a Facebook page.

Fill in your Ad description, media and headline. Scroll down to see “button label”. By default it is set to “Like page”.

The β€œlabel” button on a Facebook page.

Click on it and scroll down to see “Send WhatsApp Message”.

The β€œSend WhatsApp Message” button on a Facebook page.

Type your WhatsApp phone number and press Confirm.

Adding a phone number for creating a Click-to-WhatsApp ad.

A window will open asking you to key in a code sent to you as WhatsApp message. Type the code in the box. Press Continue.

Modal window for confirming a phone number.

The window will close. On your ad creating page scroll down to see the apps you can connect to your add. Select WhatsApp. You can select Messenger and Instagram if you wish too. Fill in other information such as your payment details, ad duration and your budget. Click on Promote Now.

The β€œPromote now” button on a Facebook page.