The two APIs of WhatsApp Business Platform let you connect your WhatsApp account to any other tools so that you can leverage the features of those tools in your WhatsApp communications. In simple words, the features and benefits you can get in your WhatsApp communications are infinite. Below are a few examples:

Team Collaboration β€” There are no limitations on how many team members can access the platform simultaneously. With third-party inboxes, you can assign conversations to teammates, tag each other, discuss customer queries using private notes in the customer chat, and more. One such inbox is Rasayel which we talk about in the chapter What is Rasayel.

Integrations β€” You can connect your WhatsApp Business Platform to almost any tool you wish; whether it’s your own app, your CRM, your Shopify/eCommerce store, or your spreadsheet. You can use this to either perform actions (such as sending a message) based on a certain trigger outside of WhatsApp (such as an order being placed), or to bring contextual data into your WhatsApp chat, such as your customer’s order history, past interactions with your team, and more.

Rasayel, as an example, integrates with Zapier, which allows you to connect WhatsApp to over 2000 online apps and platforms. You can create unlimited workflows based on your business needs. In our future book, WhatsApp Business Integrations and Workflows, we talk about different kinds of workflows that saves you tremendous amount of time and cost. You can request a pre-order here.

Complex Automation β€” You can create a simple auto-responder for incoming messages, such as welcome and away messages, as in the WhatsApp Business App. Or you can connect a chatbot to reply to customers before it assigns an agent to them or send a confirmation message to the customers when their order is placed. You can do such automation programmatically if you’re a technical person, or you can get help from a third-party tech team.

Range of Message Types β€” One of the beneficial features of the WhatsApp Business Platform is the range of complex messages it supports. You can ask customers questions with reply buttons so they can answer with a tap rather than typing a reply. You can show them your products and let them select what they want and put them in a shopping cart. For a full list of the message types WhatsApp Business Platform supports, please read Messaging.

Tags, assignments, reports, and other features β€” Depending on the inbox you connect to your WhatsApp Business Account, you can do various features; tag customer conversations based on criteria your define, auto-assign conversations to relevant agents, see a report on the number of received messages, resolution time, conversations per team member and more.

Bulk Messaging β€” With the WhatsApp Business Platform, you can create bulk messaging campaigns for promotional/marketing purposes, announcements, and more. The number of contacts you can send bulk messages to is between 1000 and 100,000, depending on the quality rating of your account (briefly, that means the less spammy you are over time, the higher quality your account becomes).