❔ Who Is it for?

On this page you learn how to decide if the WhatsApp Business App is the right tool for you.

The WhatsApp Business app is built for micro-businesses that don’t have a high messaging volume and don’t need complex features such as a team inbox, automation, bots, or integrations. Below is a quick checklist to decide if the WhatsApp Business app is the right fit for you.

It is a good fit if:

▢ WhatsApp is your primary customer communication channel.

▢ You don’t have a high messaging volume.

▢ You want an app that is free to use.

▢ You want only simple automated welcome and out-of-office replies.

▢ You want to be able to broadcast messages to a maximum of 256 customers at a time.

▢ You want the option to call your customers over WhatsApp.

▢ You don’t need to connect it to any other software, such as your CRM or Shopify/eCommerce store.

▢ You don’t need to use it on more than one phone at a time.

▢ You don’t need team collaboration features, such as auto-assigning customers to agents.

▢ You don’t need complex automation or bots.

If you said “YES” to most or all of the above, then the WhatsApp Business app is the best fit for you. If you said “NO” to any of these, or if you’re curious about the WhatsApp Business Platform, please check WhatsApp Business Platform.