đŸšĢ Limitations

On this page, you learn about the limitations of WhatsApp Business App.

WhatsApp Business App provides a lot of opportunities but at the same time, it’s not the best option if you have a high messaging volume and you need advanced communication. The biggest disadvantage of the app is its inability to integrate with other tools and therefore limits businesses in their communications.

Here are some of the limitations of the app:

Your broadcast is limited.

You can broadcast a message to up to 256 contacts in one list. They receive your message only if they have saved your number on their phones. If you want to broadcast to more people, you must make a new list. Imagine if the number of your leads is 5000, then you’d have to make 20 lists to broadcast a message!

After you broadcast a message, you cannot see the number of sent, delivered, replies or blocks/reports. In other words, after running a marketing campaign, you cannot analyze the success of your campaign.

Moreover, since WhatsApp Business App doesn’t integrate with your other tools, you cannot import your contacts from, for example, your eCommerce store to WhatsApp. If you have collected your customers’ phone numbers in your store or have them on an Excel list, you must add them one by one to the WhatsApp Business App to broadcast a message to them.

Broadcast messages cannot be personalized; they are sent to everyone on a broadcast list. This means broadcast messages cannot be tailored to specific customers based on their names or other variables.

Creating or viewing broadcast lists on linked devices is not supported.

Team collaboration is not efficient.

WhatsApp Business Premium is available only in some regions of the world. Even with that, you cannot leave private notes for team members and can link a maximum of 10 devices to your account. Of the linked devices, only one can be a phone and the rest must be PCs.

Syncing between your website and catalog is not possible.

You cannot integrate your WhatsApp Business App with another tool, like your eCommerce store. If you have an eCommerce store and you add new products or run out of products in your store, you must keep updating your WhatsApp catalog separately, which can be a lot of work.

Customer Support Is Inefficient.

All of your communications, except for away messages and welcome messages, are manual. For example, you cannot automate replying to customers’ questions with a chatbot when they message you out of your working hours. As a result, customers would always have to wait until you are available to receive a reply. In today’s world where everything is fast, this can work against you and you could lose customers to other businesses.

To bypass WhatsApp Business App’s limitations in broadcasting, team collaboration, customer support and others, you need to switch to the WhatsApp Business Platform.