đŸ—Ŗ Facebook Ads with Click-to-WhatsApp Button

On this page, you learn how to create Facebook ads with click-to-WhatsApp buttons via WhatsApp Business App.

You can connect your business’s Facebook page and Instagram to your WhatsApp. Your leads will be able to see on your page that they can contact you on WhatsApp. You can run ads with click-to-WhatsApp buttons on Facebook and Instagram, letting your potential customers message you on WhatsApp and inquire about your ads.

To create an ad on Facebook with click-to-WhatsApp button, you must already have the following:

Under the business icon , select Advertise on Facebook.

By default, you see your WhatsApp Business profile as the ad. You can select Get started or if you want to choose a new ad content, select Choose other content. In this case, we choose Get started.

Write a description in the description box. Select Next.

You can select your ad budget, the duration, audience age, and gender. Select Next.

Review your ad and click Next.

Select Add a payment method and enter your payment data. Select Create ad.

Your ad is now visible on Facebook for potential leads.