🔈 Connect Facebook to WhatsApp

On this page, you learn how to connect your WhatsApp account to your Facebook Business page.

You can connect WhatsApp to your business’s Facebook and Instagram pages. You may sync your business contact info from Facebook to WhatsApp, add a WhatsApp button on your Facebook page and run ads with click-to-WhatsApp buttons that let your page visitors contact you.

WhatsApp button on a Facebook page

Before you can do any of these, you must connect your Facebook with WhatsApp:

Connect WhatsApp with Facebook

You can connect your WhatsApp account to your Facebook page and Instagram via the WhatsApp Business App or Facebook Business Manager. It’s easier to do it via the app since you can do it on your phone.

You must already have the following:

Under the business icon business icon, select Facebook & Instagram.

WhatsApp Business app menu

Select Facebook.

Facebook & Instagram on WhatsApp Business app menu.

Press Continue.


Log into your Facebook account with your credentials.

Log into Facebook account

Choose the Facebook page you’d like to create a WhatsApp button for. Select Connect WhatsApp.

Selecting the Facebook page to create a WhatsApp button

You’ll see the confirmation that WhatsApp has become your action button. Select Back to WhatsApp.

Back to WhatsApp button.

You will be redirected to your Facebook and Instagram tab. Select the page you just connected.

Selecting Instagram.

Select Sync profile with Page. This way changes to your business contact info, such as email address, phone number and business address from your Facebook Page will be updated in your WhatsApp account.

Selecting Sync profile with Page.

Remove WhatsApp from Your Facebook Page

Tap on the business icon Business icon. on your WhatsApp Business App. Select Facebook & Instagram.

Selecting Facebook & Instagram.

Tap on the page that you have connected to WhatsApp.

Connecting an Instagram page to WhatsApp.

On the top right corner, select three dots.. Select Remove WhatsApp.

Selecting Remove WhatsApp.

Select Remove.

Facebook page disconnected from WhatsApp.

That’s it. Your Facebook page is now disconnected from your WhatsApp.