WhatsApp Message Templates

If you want to message a customer outside of the customer service window, you can only send a message template. You must create your message template and send it to WhatsApp for approval. It takes WhatsApp up to 24 hours to approve a message template. Once approved, you can use the templates infinitely.

You can submit your template for approval from your WhatsApp Manager or Rasayel. To submit your template for approval from WhatsApp Manager, follow the steps in How to Submit Your Message Templates on WhatsApp Manager.

From Rasayel, you may submit any of the message template formats that WhatsApp supports:

  • Text based
  • Media-based
  • Interactive messages templates
    • Call-to-action buttons
    • Quick reply buttons

After you submit a template to WhatsApp, you could see whether your template was approved, rejected or is pending approval.

If your template message is rejected, you can easily make changes to it in Rasayel and resubmit. If it is approved, you may use it instantly. Below is how you can retrieve a message template:

Template button in Rasayel.