Team Collaboration

On this page you learn about the features of Rasayel that make team collaboration simpler.

Team collaboration is at the core of Rasayel. Here, we talk about three features that make team collaboration easier in Rasayel:

  • Assignment
  • Tags
  • Notes


You can assign chats to yourself and others in your team. You can also make assignment rules to auto assign future messages to a specific person in your team depending on certain criteria that you define. For more information on that, go to Inbox Rules.

Everyone in your team would be able to see who a message is assigned to. They could also assign it to themselves.


You can tag customer chats based on any criteria you wantt. For example, awesome customer, loyal customer, etc. A chat could have more than one tags. You can also use inbox rules to automatically tag conversations based on criteria you define:

Tags in Rasayel


Multiple people can talk to the same customer at the same time. Team members could also leave private notes for each other in the chat. The private notes are not visible to the customers.

Notes in Rasayel.