On this page you learn about the features of Rasayel's integration with HubSpot.

You can link Rasayel conversations to your HubSpot contacts, and send messages to your customers from HubSpot directly. Here are the features of HubSpot integration:

Contact Creation and Matching

  • Contact matching - We automatically match Rasayel contacts to equivalent HubSpot contacts, by email and by phone, and will show any matched contacts.
  • Contact creation - You can create a new HubSpot contact for a Rasayel contact from Rasayel inbox. Rasayel uses their first and last name, phone number and email address to create the contact in HubSpot.

Rasayel Extension Features

With the extension, a CRM card appears on HubSpot inside a contact’s page. The card lets you:

  1. See the list of this customer’s conversations with a few details (creation date, which channel it came from, and the last message’s timestamp).
  2. Redirect to a certain conversation in Rasayel.
  3. Open an embedded Rasayel inbox inside HubSpot to send & receive messages.
  4. Send a proactive message to a user. This option is available even if a contact does not have any Rasayel conversations.

Below is a CRM card that appears on HubSpot:

CRM card in HubSport.

If you select “Open conversation”, the Rasayel conversation opens within HubSpot as below:

WhatsApp conversation window in HubSpot.

Activity Logging

We use activity logging to attach the conversation history to a HubSpot contact’s profile. The activity logging is real-time and logs messages as soon as they are sent/received. You can enable or disable it from HubSpot.