With Rasayel’s chatbot, you can automate many repetitive customer communications that don’t necessarily need a human agent. This way you save a lot of time for your team and your customers get their questions answered around the clock.

You can define triggers and conditions for your bot. For example, when a customer messages you and their message contain “price”, the bot can get triggered.

Your bot flow could be as simple as replying to customers with a general message or be complex. For example, a bot reply could include up to 3 buttons that are followed with 3 different replies or actions that you define.

Supported triggers and actions

What triggers are currently supported:

  • A brand new inbound message (new conversation)
  • A new inbound message in a closed conversation

What actions are currently supported:

  • Sending a message
  • Sending a message with interactive buttons
  • Redirecting the conversation to an agent
  • Closing conversation
  • Permanently closing conversation
  • Multiple actions per message
  • Assigning to specific users
  • Tagging conversations
  • More filter options

You can create your bot flow as you wish. Below is a sample of a bot flow:

Creating a chatbot flow in Rasayel.