Sales Use Cases

On this page, you'll learn about different use cases of the WhatsApp Business Platform in sales.

πŸ‘©πŸ’Ό Sales Use Cases

Since the WhatsApp Business Platform let you connect WhatsApp to any other tool, you can potentially create unlimited ways to facilitate sales, from lead generation to closing sales. Whether in real estate, healthcare, eCommerce, finance, banking, EdTech or any other industry, you can use the features of WhatsApp APIs to improve your sales.

The following use cases are some of the most useful ones for sales. You may connect a chatbot to your WhatsApp for the following use cases to reply to customers even faster while reducing the workload of your salespeople.

Lead Generation

Run ads on Facebook and Instagram. Chat on WhatsApp.

You can run ads on Facebook and/or Instagram with click-to-WhatsApp buttons. Once potential customers click on the button, their WhatsApp Messenger app opens and they can speak with you. In the example below, a homestay business has advertised its rooms on Instagram.

Click-to-WhatsApp ad on Instagram.

When leads click on the WhatsApp button, their WhatsApp apps open and they can talk to the business:

WhatsApp conversation with a lead attracted from a Click-to-WhatsApp ad on Instagram.

To learn more about creating ads with click-to-WhatsApp buttons, please read Click-to-WhatsApp Ads.

Lead Qualification

If you need to see whether a lead meets your ideal customer profile, you could use reply buttons to qualify them quickly. Even better, a chatbot could do this and assign a relevant customer support agent to qualified leads to save time for your staff. Below is how a real estate agency uses reply buttons and a chatbot to qualify leads for home listing.

WhatsApp lead qualification.

Recover an Abandoned Cart

So many times, customers select items from an eCommerce store but leave them at the checkout. Most of the time, the reason is the shipping or other costs that customers learn only at the last step. You could send them an incentivizing message template with call-to-action buttons, guiding them to finish their purchase.

WhatsApp message used to Recover an Abandoned Cart.

Closing Sales

Sell with single and multi-product messages.

When customers approach you for specific product(s), you or your bot could give them recommendations with a single or multi-product message. They can select the product(s), put them in a shopping cart, and purchase it without leaving WhatsApp. Let’s say a customer wants to buy headphones from you. After learning about their needs, you could suggest a suitable headset with a single-product message.

Single product message on WhatsApp.

Receive Payments

WhatsApp Pay is an in-chat payment feature of WhatsApp that allows customers to make transactions. It is currently available in India and Brazil only.