Case Study: Nissan Saudi Arabia

On this page, you learn how Nissan Saudi Arabia used the WhatsApp Business Platform to increase sales by 390%.

The Problem

Before October 2020, Nissan’s primary customer communication channel was a call center. Customers had to go to the company’s website and chat with a bot which then transferred them to the call center. As a result, Nissan could not attend to customers’ needs around the clock. Soon they figured that by being available through their website only, they were limiting themselves from penetrating the Saudi market.

The Solution

WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in Saudi Arabia (and most of the MENA countries). More than 92% of the people in Saudi own a smartphone, and the country has over 71% penetration on WhatsApp. This popularity proved promising in helping customers connect and interact with the brand easily, on the app they use most.

Here’s how Nissan used the WhatsApp Business Platform to increase its sales leads by 390%:

  • A well-designed chatbot
    • It lets the customers talk to a human agent at different points in the customer journey.
    • It takes the customer’s name from their WhatsApp profile directly to create a personalized reply to them, eliminating the step to ask them to type their name.
    • Along the way, it lets the customer go to the previous steps.
  • Allow leads to explore different car colors, download brochures, and submit their requests through the app by using the following message types

First, the customer sends a message, and the chatbot takes their name from their WhatsApp profile to create a personalized reply. It gives them a customer care menu with a list message and a chance to switch to Arabic.

WhatsApp conversation with Nissan’s chatbot.

Let’s say the customer is interested in buying a car. They select “Discover Nissan” from the list. Notice that the list has a “Contact us” option to let them talk to an agent.

WhatsApp list message.

After the customer selects an option, the bot gives the customer more options with a list message to narrow down the options of what they need:

WhatsApp conversation with Nissan’s chatbot.

The bot continues to ask the customer questions with list messages until they choose a specific product. At that point, it sends them pictures of the vehicle and lets them explore the prices, and colors of the vehicle, get a brochure and compare it to other vehicles.

WhatsApp multi-media messages sent by Nissan’s chatbot. WhatsApp list message.

It tells customers how to get more info on versions, and prices and get a quote.

WhatsApp conversation with Nissan’s chatbot.

In the end, it asks customers to rate the bot.

Nissan’s chatbot asking a customer to rate it.


  • In six months, Nissan got 34x ROI in revenue
  • 33x reduction in call center volumes
  • 390% increase in leads compared to the previous chatbot