Case Study: Hellmann's Brazil

Hellmann’s is an F&B company, mostly known for its mayyonaise.

The Problem

“What to cook?” is one of any adult’s daily questions. Hellmann’s wanted to engage with its customers and be the solution whenever they had this question.

The Solution

79% of the smartphone population in Brazil use WhatsApp. With the popularity and capabilities of WhatsApp, the company rolled out its WhatsCook campaign which became a massive success.

The campaign was about engaging with its South American customers and help them decide what to cook using the ingredients they already had in their fridges.

All they had to do was to register their number on Hellmann’s website and one of their chefs would message the customer on WhatsApp immediately. The customer only needed to send a picture of their ingredients and the chef would help them in real time with step by step instructions on how to make a meal with them. They’d use WhatsApp’s media capabilities like image and videos to make the cooking more understandable for the customers and would even notify them when it was the time to take the food off the stove!


Here is the result of the campaign in 10 days:

â€ĸ +500 recipes made
â€ĸ 13,000 signed up for the service
â€ĸ 99.5% of customer satisfaction
â€ĸ 1 in every 2 website visitor signed up for the service
â€ĸ Consumers spent on average 65minutes interacting with the brand

After the launch in Brazil the campaign was rolled out in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.