Case Study: Absolut Vodka Argentina

Absolut is one of the world’s leading alcoholic drink brands from Sweden and known for its distinctive bottle shape.

The Problem

Although Absolut a a huge international brand being sold in 126 countries, it is young and “doesn’t speak”.

The Solution

Absolut was going to launch its new Limited Edition Absolut Unique collection in Argentina and their marketing team had to think of a launch campaign. Its target audience were people who would enjoy drinking and going to parties. Therefore the brand had to launch a campaign that would speak to them. It organized a very exclusive party with only two tickets available to the general public.

To win a ticket, members of the public had to message the “party’s doorman”, named Sven, on WhatsApp and convince him to let them in. Sven was not easy to convince so people had to get creative with their messages to him and pushing for convincing him (engaging with the brand).

The Result

600 people contacted Sven with over 1000 unique images, videos, audio messages over 3 days of uninterrupted chat. Clearly the marketing campaign had effectively engaged with its target Argentinian audience, and spread brand awareness whilst establishing a strong and humanized brand.