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WhatsApp has over 2 billion users worldwide. In some parts of the world like the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Asia, it is the most commonly used messaging app for personal communications. Research shows that customers prefer to talk to businesses the same way they do with family and friends. If you want to tap into WhatsApp’s popularity to sell more and support your customers better, you need to know how to effectively use WhatsApp for your business.

Whether you know nothing about WhatsApp Business or know to some extent, you can benefit from this book; it teaches you about all of its features and how you can apply them to your sales, marketing and customer support. You’ll learn about how other businesses use it to successfully boost their sales and customer support, policies you must comply with when using it and how much it costs to use.

In future books, we will focus more on the application of WhatsApp Business features in specific businesses (fintech, EdTech and more) and how to create efficient workflows in sales, marketing and customer support.

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