❓ How to use this book?

How to benefit from this book depends on your level of knowledge about WhatsApp Business. If you don’t know anything or know little about WhatsApp Business, we suggest you read the book from cover to cover.

If you already know about WhatsApp Business but you want to learn about a specific topic, go to the relevant chapter from the table of content on the left side.

If you want to skim through the book first and then decide which topic you want to learn about deeply, read the introduction chapters. In the introduction chapters, we briefly touch on all aspects of each topic and provide links to other relevant chapters that you can go to and read more deeply about.

  • Introduction to WhatsApp
  • Introduction to WhatsApp Business
  • Introduction to WhatsApp Business App
  • Introduction to WhatsApp Business Platform
  • Introduction to WhatsApp Business API
  • Introduction to WhatsApp Cloud API