Customer Support Use Cases

On this page, you learn about the customer support use cases of WhatsApp Business Platform.

Depending on your business, customers could reach you for a variety of reasons from pre-sale to post-sales. You should always be easily reachable during and after sales to create a positive experience for customers. Here are some of the common customer support use cases:

Order Cancellation

Many businesses expect customers to go to their website to cancel their order. However, if you want to improve your customer experience, it’s better to let them cancel their order in a way that’s easier for them; like via WhatsApp! A customer can message you and request a cancellation on WhatsApp. Either an agent from your team or your WhatsApp chatbot could assist them with their cancellation. Here is how a chatbot cancels orders for an eCommerce store.

WhatsApp conversation for order cancellation.

Frequently Asked Questions

In any business, there are a number of questions that customers commonly ask, for example, questions regarding your shipping options, working hours and products. You can make a list of your FAQ and present it to customers with a list message. Customers can select an option. After that you may follow up with other list messages or reply button messages to help them further.

WhatsApp list message used for answering Frequently Asked Questions.


There are different kinds of notifications you could send customers during or after their journey. Notifications help you stay connected with the customers until after they buy a product from you. Below are some examples:

  • Order placement confirmation
  • Order cancellation confirmation
  • Personal information update confirmation
  • Shipping update
  • Appointment reminder
  • Payment reminder
  • and many more

Interactive WhatsApp message with Shipping update.

Collect Customer Feedback

After customers receive your product or service, you could ask them about their experience. You could use their answer to improve your processes, products and services or guide them to leave a review for you.

Interactive WhatsApp message used for collecting customer feedback.>