Case Study: KLM Airline

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is a good example of how to support customers post-sales. While passengers are making their flight booking, they have the choice to opt into receiving flight-related messages from KLM on WhatsApp. After that the airline uses a chatbot to support the customers, in 10 different languages, via WhatsApp during their journey, from booking confirmation, check-in notification, boarding pass, flight status updates to answering their questions in 10 different languages.

KLM is one of the first companies and the very first airline worldwide with a verified WhatsApp Business account.

Booking Confirmation

Right after the customers make the booking, a confirmation message along with the PDF document of their booking details is sent to them.

WhatsApp message for booking confirmation.

Check-in Information and Boarding Pass

When the flight’s check in is opened, customers get informed about it and can click on the link provided to do their online check in.

WhatsApp message with Check-in Information and Boarding Pass.

Flight Change Notifications

In case any changes happen to the flight, such as delays, customers get notified.

24/7 Customer Support

If customers need assistance or questions regarding their flight, the airline helps them over WhatsApp around the clock.

KLM’s use of WhatsApp for customer support is a great example of how to make customer’s experience simple and hassle-free by centralizing all of their customer interactions over their favorite messaging app, WhatsApp. The airline has received an average of nearly 80% of customer satisfaction.