Quick Zapier Integration: Connect Google Forms & WhatsApp in 7 Minutes

Miodrag Magyar
Published January 11, 2023
Last updated November 10, 2023
Quick Zapier Integration: Connect Google Forms & WhatsApp in 7 Minutes

Google Forms is an excellent tool for collecting customer data and feedback, but what if you could take it to the next level? What if you could use a Zapier integration to automate a prompt response to every customer who fills out your form? This would streamline your interactions, creating a direct link between gathering information through Google Forms and engaging in meaningful conversations on WhatsApp.

Let’s take a closer look at how this integration works and the benefits it can bring to your business!

How it Works

To understand how this integration enriches customer interaction, let’s break down the process:

1. Survey Submission

A customer answers a survey they received from you on Google Forms and submits the answers.

Zap test window in a Google Forms automation.

2. Zapier Sends a WhatsApp Message

Zapier will process the new data and send a proactive WhatsApp message to the customer.

WhatsApp message sent with Google Forms Automation.

How to Create This Zap?

Creating a Zap that integrates Google Forms with WhatsApp on Rasayel is straightforward. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

1. Create a new Zap

Log into Zapier and click “Create Zap” to get started.

Create Zap button.

2. Add a Trigger Event

  • Find Google Forms in the list of apps.
  • Under Event, choose New Form Response.

New Forms response in Google Forms.

3. Choose an Account

  • Select the account you want to use and click continue.

Choosing an account in the Zap.

4. Select a Google Form

  • Select the Google Forms document you want to send to customers.

Setting up a trigger for the Zap.

5. Test the Trigger

  • Next, you’d need to test your trigger and click Continue.

Testing the trigger of the Zap.

6. Connect to Rasayel

  • In the next window, select Rasayel.
  • Under Event, choose Create a Proactive Template Message.

Choosing an app and event for the Zap.

7. Choose an Account

  • Select the account you want the message template to be sent from.

Choosing an account.

8. Set Up the Action

  • Under receiver, choose the column containing the numbers of the customers.
  • Under Channel ID, choose your preferred channel.
  • Under Message Template, choose the template you want to be used.
  • Since the message templates have placeholders, under Body, select the spreadsheet row containing names.

Setting up the action.

9. Test the Action

Click Test Action, and if everything works, Publish the Zap.

Testing the action.


By leveraging the power of Zapier to connect Google Forms with WhatsApp, you transform your customer engagement from reactive to proactive. Not only does this integration save you precious time by automating responses, but it also sets the stage for a more personal and responsive brand experience.

Integrate Google Forms with WhatsApp through Zapier and start building customer relationships that lead to higher satisfaction and loyalty. Streamline your workflow, enhance your communication strategy, and stay one step ahead in the ever-competitive business landscape.

Overall, this integration is a valuable asset for any business looking to stay ahead of the competition and provide the best customer experience possible. So, if you want to take your customer engagement to the next level, consider integrating Google Forms with WhatsApp via Rasayel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use Google Forms with WhatsApp to enhance interaction with your respondents. Although Google Forms does not natively support integration with WhatsApp, you can use third-party automation tools like Zapier or Integromat to connect Google Forms to WhatsApp. This allow you to send customers automated messages or notifications on WhatsApp once they submit a form.

Yes, Zapier can automatically send WhatsApp messages after a survey submission by setting up a Zap that uses Google Forms as the trigger and WhatsApp as the action. When a new survey response is received, Zapier will send a predefined message to the specified WhatsApp number.

To link your WhatsApp to a Google Form, you typically need to use an automation platform like Zapier. Here’s a simplified process:

1. Create your Google Form & set it up to collect the data you desire.
2. Sign up for an account with Zapier.
3. Create a new Zap (or workflow) and set the trigger as a new Google Form submission.
4. For the action, choose the WhatsApp integration by Rasayel.
5. Follow the steps to authenticate your WhatsApp account and configure the message you want to send when the form is submitted.
6. Test the Zap to ensure that it’s working correctly.
7. Publish the Zap. Now, whenever your Google Form is submitted, an automated WhatsApp message is sent.

Integrating WhatsApp with Google Forms via Zapier benefits your business by automating responses, personalizing interactions, saving time, improving customer service, and enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Yes, the integration allows you to use message templates that include placeholders for personalized content, such as the customer’s name, which can be pulled directly from the Google Forms responses.

No coding skills are required. The process involves using Zapier to create a “Zap” that automates the workflow between Google Forms and WhatsApp on Rasayel. Simply follow the visual setup process in this article with step-by-step instructions.

Yes, any submitted Google Form can trigger this zap. For example, businesses may send a Google Form to their clients for:

1. Collecting surveys.
2. Managing event or webinar registrations.
3. Creating a support ticket system.
4. Collecting details for service customization.
5. Gathering information for quotes.
6. Running contests and giveaways.
7. Updating customer contact information.
8. Handling subscription sign-ups.
9. Conducting post-service follow-ups.

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