Introducing WhatsApp Group Chat: A Guide to Groups on WhatsApp Business Platform

Mohamed Elbadwihi
Last updated June 14, 2024
Introducing WhatsApp Group Chat: A Guide to Groups on WhatsApp Business Platform

Ever felt like juggling customer communication on multiple platforms is like herding cats? We’ve all been there, bouncing between Slack channels, email threads, and various apps to keep everyone in the loop.

Well, that chaos is over because just a week ago, on June 6th, at Conversations 2024, Meta’s business messaging event, the latest WhatsApp Business feature, WhatsApp group chat, was introduced!

Imagine having all your customer interactions neatly packed into a single, convenient chat. Sounds like a dream, right?

What Are WhatsApp Groups?

WhatsApp Groups have been a popular feature in the regular app, allowing users to create group chats. Now, this functionality has been added to the WhatsApp Business platform.

Businesses can create group chats for their customers on WhatsApp. This means sales teams can keep multiple stakeholders informed and engaged in real-time, speeding up communication and reducing the need for switching between different platforms.

A conversation in WhatsApp groups.

Use Cases for WhatsApp Groups on the WhatsApp Business Platform

WhatsApp Groups offer many advantages for businesses. Here are some practical use cases that illustrate how WhatsApp Groups can be effectively used on the WhatsApp Business Platform.


Having a shared group allows you to involve multiple people and stakeholders in the negotiation process until deals are closed. This helps improve communication and transparency, rather than just sending emails back and forth.

For example, the sales team could set up a shared group with the key decision-makers at the client company. This allows everyone to be looped in on the status of negotiations, share feedback and ideas in real-time, and reach agreement faster than relying solely on email communication.


Creating a shared group with the business you are working with allows you to get support more efficiently while also keeping your own stakeholders informed.

In this scenario, your support team could be part of a shared group with the customer’s team. This enables faster issue resolution, as the customer can directly engage your support staff. At the same time, your own internal stakeholders can stay up-to-date on the support status and any actions needed on your side.

Why Use WhatsApp Groups as a Business

So, why should your business jump on the WhatsApp Groups bandwagon? Here are some compelling reasons:

Keeping multiple people in the loop

With WhatsApp Group chats, you can keep multiple stakeholders in the loop at the same time. Before groups, you had to rely on email, Slack, and other communication methods. For sales deals involving multiple stakeholders, having everyone in a single group makes it easier to share updates, gather input, and make decisions quickly.

Communication management

WhatsApp Groups give you a clear view of how your customers communicate and what they need. The possibility of gathering customers in a single group chat allows you to keep an eye on group activities and measure engagement.

You can create different groups for specific products, issues, or customer segments so the discussions are more focused and relevant. By handling different types of inquiries in separate groups, it’s easier to manage and resolve issues efficiently.

Proactive support

WhatsApp Group chat allow you to share important updates, maintenance schedules, or new feature releases proactively. By communicating with the group, you can address potential issues before they become widespread, keeping everyone informed and reassured.

When customers ask questions in a group, everyone benefits from the answers. This reduces repetitive inquiries and allows members to help each other with common issues. It’s like having a community where everyone shares their knowledge and experiences.

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Release Date

The WhatsApp Group Chat feature for the WhatsApp Business platform is not yet released. Meta disclosed that they will begin testing it soon, so stay tuned for updates on its official release date.

In the meantime, Rasayel is already preparing to integrate this feature into its platform. Businesses should also start planning how to introduce this feature into their communication strategies to take full advantage once it becomes available.


WhatsApp Group chat simplifies business communication by bringing customer interactions into one platform. This helps you keep multiple stakeholders informed and engaged in real-time. You can easily manage and resolve different types of inquiries by creating specific groups for various products, issues, or customer segments.

Proactively sharing updates, maintenance schedules, and new feature releases keeps everyone in the loop and reassured. Plus, group discussions allow customers to benefit from shared knowledge, reducing repetitive questions and fostering a sense of community.

Frequently Asked Questions

WhatsApp Groups on WhatsApp Business are group chats that allow businesses to communicate with multiple stakeholders simultaneously. This feature, which has been popular in the regular app, is now available on the WhatsApp Business platform.

WhatsApp Groups improve customer support by creating a shared knowledge base where customers can benefit from answers to questions asked by others.

Yes, you can create different groups for specific products, issues, or customer segments.

WhatsApp Groups enable businesses to share important updates, maintenance schedules, and new feature releases proactively. By communicating with the group, potential issues can be addressed before they become widespread.

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