The benefits of using WhatsApp for event marketing

Miodrag Magyar
Last updated July 20, 2023
The benefits of using WhatsApp for event marketing

In this article, we will explore the benefits of using WhatsApp for event marketing and how it can improve the overall experience for attendees. From personalized communication and cost-effectiveness to location and time-based messaging, WhatsApp offers a range of features that can enhance event marketing efforts.

With the help of WhatsApp, event organizers can improve engagement, increase attendance, and ultimately make their event a success. Event marketing is a crucial aspect of any successful event, and with the rise of digital communication, WhatsApp has emerged as a powerful tool for event marketers. With over two billion monthly active users, the most popular messaging app allows event organizers to reach and engage with a large audience in a cost-effective and personalized way.

Why WhatsApp for event marketing?

The simple answer?

WhatsApp is the fastest platform to reach people.

Taking advantage of this opportunity can help you increase attendance and enhance the overall event experience while saving you time and resources. In the end, that’s what all of it is about, right? Attendance and good times.


WhatsApp allows for direct communication with attendees, leading to higher levels of interaction and participation. Here are a few reasons why engagement is crucial:

  1. Increased attendance: By engaging with attendees through WhatsApp, event organizers can improve attendance by providing personalized reminders and updates about the event.
  2. Better event experience: Engaging with attendees through WhatsApp allows for a more personalized experience, leading to higher satisfaction and enjoyment for attendees.
  3. Improved feedback: WhatsApp allows for direct communication with attendees, providing valuable feedback on what worked well and what needs improvement.
  4. Increased attendee retention: By keeping attendees engaged and informed throughout the event, you can improve attendees’ chances to return to future events.
  5. Increased attendee referral: Engaged attendees are more likely to recommend the event to others, leading to increased attendance in future events.


WhatsApp allows for personalized communication with attendees. One way to achieve that is through segmentation. You can send targeted and relevant messages to each group by grouping customers based on their behavior or interests. This can easily be done with Rasayel.

You can personalize your message templates by using dynamic fields such as the customer’s name, purchase history, or browsing behavior. For example, let’s say you are promoting an upcoming event and want to send your customers a WhatsApp message. Instead of sending a generic message to everyone on your list, you can use a message template with dynamic fields to personalize the message. Here’s an example:

Hi {{1}}, we noticed that you purchased tickets to our last event, and we wanted to invite you to our upcoming event on {{2}}. As a valued customer, we’d like to offer you a special discount code that you can use to save {{3}} on your ticket purchase. Click the link below to learn more and register for the event. We hope to see you there!

WhatsApp interactive message template sent to a customer, offering a discount code.

Location and time-based messaging

WhatsApp allows for sending location and time-based messages, which can be helpful for sending reminders or updates about specific event activities. Location and time-based messaging with WhatsApp refers to the ability to send messages to users based on their location and the current time. For example, an event organizer could use this feature to message all attendees at a specific location, such as a conference center, reminding them of an upcoming session or event.

Or, you could set up automated messages to be sent at specific times, such as a reminder for the start of an event or a notification about a schedule change. This feature allows for more personalized and timely communication with event attendees and can improve engagement and overall event experience.

How to use WhatsApp to increase attendance?

There’s no greater fear for an event organizer than seeing even a single empty seat in the room. Months of planning, investing resources, and promoting your event can all go to waste if attendance is low. Not only is it a major disappointment, but it can also result in financial losses. Say it’s a paid event. Low attendance can mean less revenue, and if the event relies on sponsors or advertisers, it can mean less exposure for them. Low attendance can also affect the event’s overall experience, as it can be less lively and interactive. Low attendance can also cause disappointment for the speakers, performers, or vendors that participated in the event, affecting the perceived value of their participation.

Low attendance can also lead to a negative perception of your brand and make it harder for you to attract attendees for future events. Ultimately, it can be a significant blow to the success of your event, and it’s essential to take steps to avoid it.

Steps to take

  1. Provide real-time updates and information about the event to potential attendees. This can include information about the location, schedule, speakers, and any changes or updates to the event. This way, you can help potential attendees plan their visit and feel more confident about attending the event.

  2. Promote better with the help of WhatsApp. Integrating WhatsApp into your marketing strategy for event promotion can be a winning opportunity for your event. Some brands capitalize on this with “outside-the-box” ideas to get more visibility and engagement.

    For example, Absolut Vodka utilized WhatsApp to market a product launch event in Argentina. Customers were encouraged to message a chatbot “doorman” named Sven to convince him to give them one of the remaining two tickets. During three days, this campaign received over 1,000 messages from 600 individuals.

  3. Event ticketing directly through a WhatsApp conversation is a handy feature. Customers can purchase tickets directly through the app. You just need to integrate your customer communication platform with your ticketing software. Event ticketing through WhatsApp can help increase ticket sales by making the process more accessible to your audience.

  4. Provide support. This can include answering any questions about the event, providing information about parking, transportation, and accommodations, and helping them navigate the event once they arrive. By deploying a WhatsApp chatbot, you can provide quick and efficient support to attendees, even when your agents are not available to respond directly. By providing quick and efficient support, attendees are more likely to have a positive experience with the event and are more likely to attend future events.

  5. Create interactive and engaging experiences like Q&A sessions, polls, and live updates. This can help to generate interest and excitement about the event, encouraging more people to attend.

  6. Gather feedback from attendees and improve future events to ensure that future events are even more successful.


With WhatsApp, you can improve engagement, increase attendance, and ultimately make your event a success. With its range of features, including personalized communication, location and time-based messaging, and over two billion monthly active users, WhatsApp allows you to reach and engage with a large audience in a cost-effective and personalized way.

Using WhatsApp for event marketing can improve attendance, create a better event experience, gather valuable feedback, and increase attendee retention and referral.

The key takeaway is that you should consider incorporating WhatsApp into your marketing strategy for the next event to maximize success and make the most out of the opportunity.

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