6 WhatsApp Business Features You Should Know About

6 WhatsApp Business Features You Should Know About

We get a lot of questions about the WABA (WhatsApp Business API) solution benefits. We also noticed that many of our customers don’t use WABA at full capacity, because they are simply not aware of all of the options WABA offers. In this article, we will highlight our favorite and most popular WhatsApp Business API features.

Multiple users and centralized inbox

WABA allows multiple operators to use one WhatsApp number at the same time through the same customer support inbox. That means with WABA you can have a centralized platform, to which all of your team members will have access. It’s great for customer management because you can assign conversations to different members of your team, or ask them for help using the conversation notes feature.

Integration into 3rd party systems

WABA can be integrated into various 3rd party tools. It works great with CRM and customer support platforms, or omnichannel inboxes, like Rasayel. It opens up plenty of opportunities for your business: you can collect all kinds of statistics like your team performance, convert WhatsApp leads into customers, send programmatic responses to customers’ queries, and many more.

Message templates

WhatsApp allows you to use preapproved template messages to standardize and automate communications with customers. Template messages are great for all kinds of updates, depending on your business needs. It can be an appointment, reservation, or flight update. Templates will make your business look more professional and can automate a great part of your workflow. We talk more about templates in this article: WhatsApp Templates 101

Rich media and interactive templates

WABA supports various content types. You can share all kinds of media with your customers — pictures, audio, video, and documents.

Sounds good? There’s more! You can enrich your messages by using Interactive Message Templates.

These are templates with buttons that can be attached to text or media messages. Rasayel allows creating and sending interactive message templates.

Illustration of an Interactive WhatsApp message with buttons.

WhatsApp native features

WhatsApp native features, such as a reply to a message or delivery indicators, are also supported. Just like in your WhatsApp phone app, you can send a reply to a particular message, or see if your message was delivered and/or seen. Your customer will also know if their message was delivered to your business and seen by your team, so don’t make them wait 😉

Green checkmark for official business account owners

There are two types of WhatsApp Business accounts: regular Business Account and Official Business Account. Most Business Accounts are regular ones. They look like this:

Unverified WhatsApp business account.

Official Business Accounts look a bit different. They have a green checkmark and a visible business name on the WhatsApp profile, which makes your account look more branded:

Verified WhatsApp business account.

You can apply for an upgrade to an Official Business Account and Facebook will decide if your brand is big and notable enough.

Not all of the features supported by the official WhatsApp API will be supported by your Business solution provider, so it’s important that you choose your provider wisely. We share our tips here: WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) Showdown. Our trusted partner 360dialog supports all of the available WABA features and together with our inbox, you can use your WABA at full capacity.

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