An Advanced Wati Alternative Built for Sales Teams

Mohamed Elbadwihi
Last updated June 14, 2024
An Advanced Wati Alternative Built for Sales Teams

Struggling to choose the right WhatsApp business tool? Wati and Rasayel are popular options, but they excel in different areas. This concise comparison will help you understand their strengths, weaknesses, and which one best suits your sales needs.

Wati excels in e-commerce and marketing, offering features like product catalogs and custom notifications.

Rasayel, on the other hand, is laser-focused on empowering your sales team to sell on WhatsApp. It caters to mid-sized and enterprise-level B2B software businesses with features like unlimited chatbots, advanced automation, AI, native CRM integrations with HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce and robust APIs to let businesses create their own custom integrations.. This translates to improved communication, efficient lead nurturing through chatbots and workflows, and ultimately, increased sales through features specifically designed for sales teams.

Wati Alternative: Wati Vs. Rasayel

Below is a quick overview comparing Wati and Rasayel to help you understand their key differences and decide which one suits your business needs better.

Built forSales TeamsMarketing teams
Supported ChannelsMostly WhatsAppWhatsApp
Customer IndustriesB2B Software BusinessesE-commerce Businesses
Customer sizeMid-Sized to enterprisesSMBs
Customer support languageEnglish & ArabicEnglish, Spanish & Portuguese
Onboarding ProcessQuick 3-minute setupTakes 24hrs to a few days

Wati Review: Pros & Cons


  • A great WhatsApp platform for e-commerce and marketing use-cases
  • Product catalog for e-commerce.
  • Native integratins with, WooCommerce, Klaviyo and PabblyConnect


  • Extra charges for extra chatbot session.
  • Fixed pricing fee in addition to markup for conversations and bot sessions
  • Limited chatbot triggers.

Wati Alternative for Sales: Rasayel

A WhatsApp Platform Built for Sales

Rasayel is designed specifically to utilize WhatsApp for the entire sales process. Imagine reaching people on the app known for its amazing 98% open rate, compared to email’s 20% open rate.

From initial outreach to closing deals, Rasayel offers a comprehensive solution with features like chatbots, sequences, WhatsApp flows (forms), and CRM integration. From lead qualification to lead nurturing and closing deals, businesses can take full control of their sales over WhatsApp.

Deep CRM Integration & Automation

Rasayel’s integration with popular CRMs such as HubSpot, Pipedrive & Salesforce, combined with its advanced automation capabilities, ensures an efficient and quicker communication process.

Contacts are synced automatically between Rasayel and CRMs. WhatsApp communications between teams and customers are automatically and in real-time logged on the CRM. Managers can generate reports on their team’s WhatsApp interactions and make data-driven decisions. They can create automations from CRM that include sending WhatsApp messages or bot flows.

Cost-Effective & Transparent Pricing

With simple, user-based pricing and no hidden fees or message limits, Rasayel provides a cost-effective solution for businesses aiming to scale their WhatsApp communications efficiently.

Boost Your B2B Software Sales on WhatsApp with Rasayel

Want to switch? Book a call with the Rasayel team now!

Why Choose Rasayel for WhatsApp Business?

Rasayel offers several features that can benefit businesses using WhatsApp to communicate with customers, particularly those in the B2B software space:

  • Unlimited Chatbot Access: Unlike Wati, Rasayel offers unlimited free chatbot messages. This allows businesses to automate chats and messages for lead nurturing, appointment scheduling, and other tasks without incurring additional costs.
  • CRM Compatibility: Rasayel integrates directly with popular CRMs like HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Salesforce. This captures all WhatsApp interactions within the CRM, providing a more comprehensive view of customer engagement and simplifying daily operations for sales teams compared to Wati.
  • User Experience: Rasayel focuses on streamlining the entire sales journey through WhatsApp. User-friendly features can potentially boost customer satisfaction compared to Wati.
  • WhatsApp Flows: Rasayel offers unique “Flows” (forms) within the app. These allow for a wider range of customer interactions directly on WhatsApp, including lead generation forms, appointment bookings, and more.

Free Trial: You can try Rasayel for 7 days for free to see if it meets your business needs.

How to Use Rasayel to Sell on WhatsApp?

1. For Sales Agents

  • Lead Qualification Qualify your leads before interacting with them using chatbots and WhatsApp flows. Create a chatbot flow to ask qualifying questions, offer a lead generation form (Flow) which they can fill from inside the app and let the bot assign them to the right team and/or agents.
  • CRM Integration Automatically sync conversations with your CRM, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Follow-up Automation Build and automate message sequences to follow up with leads over time until they respond, ensuring no lead is dropped.

2. For Sales Managers

  • Agent Performance Reporting Generate detailed activity and performance reports for sales agents to track performance and hold them accountable from Rasayel and from the CRM based on WhatsApp activities.
  • Sales Team Collaboration Easily assign or reassign leads to teams and agents with round robin insuring a fair distribution of leads, share communication context among team members, and provide opportunities for coaching and quality assurance.
  • Define roles and permissions You have full autonomy over what roles your define for each team and/or agent and what permissions you give them.

Customer Testimonial

“We started using Rasayel for supervision & quality assurance over our sales team’s WhatsApp conversations with customers. Its automation & integration capabilities via API/Webhooks/Zapier have opened up unlimited possibilities for us, and we’re just getting started!” - Saad ElMobarak, Qoyod


So ditch the “eny meny mo” decision-making! Choosing between Wati and Rasayel is now clear. Wati caters to e-commerce and marketing needs with product catalogs and marketing automation integrations. Rasayel, on the other hand, excels in empowering B2B software sales teams through features like unlimited chatbots, CRM integrations, and WhatsApp lead forms. Consider your primary focus: Wati for marketing and e-commerce, or Rasayel for sales via WhatsApp. Then, evaluate pricing, onboarding time, and supported languages to pick the tool that aligns best with your business goals.

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