Trengo Alternative Built for B2B Sales Teams

Tarek Khalil
Last updated May 30, 2024
Trengo Alternative Built for B2B Sales Teams

Are you looking for the best platform to boost your B2B sales on WhatsApp? Choosing the right platform for your business can make a huge difference. In this article, we compare two popular platforms, Trengo and Rasayel, to help you decide which one suits your business needs better.

Rasayel is designed specifically for sales teams, providing advanced features for managing leads and improving WhatsApp communication. On the other hand, Trengo is more focused on customer support, offering a multi-channel communication solution.

Let’s dive into the details to see how these platforms stack up against each other.

Trengo Alternative: Trengo vs. Rasayel

Choosing the right platform is crucial for your business. Here’s a quick comparison between Trengo and Rasayel to help you determine which platform better suits your business needs.

FeatureRasayel Grow PlanTrengo Boost Plan
Built forSales TeamsCustomer Support Teams
ChannelsWhatsAppWhatsApp, Social Messaging, Voice, Email, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Live Chat
Customer IndustriesB2B software businessesE-commerce, Restaurants and hospitality, Financial services, and others
Customer sizeMid-Sized EnterprisesMid-Sized Enterprises
Customer Support LanguageEnglish, ArabicEnglish, Dutch, German
Onboarding ProcessQuick 3-minute setupFrom 24hrs to a few days

Trengo Review: Pros & Cons

Trengo offers a cloud-based platform designed to manage customer communication across multiple channels. While it supports a broad range of messaging services, it’s primarily tailored for customer support teams looking to streamline their interactions.


  • Supports e-commerce
  • Boosts teamwork with simple collaboration tools


  • Limited WhatsApp features for specialized use
  • No AI Assistant available
  • Multi-channel management can be complex
  • Limited advanced tools for WhatsApp operations

Trengo Alternative for Sales over WhatsApp: Rasayel

If your goal is to make killer sales over WhatsApp, Rasayel might be the better choice due to its focus on sales teams and specific features geared towards WhatsApp communication:

Efficient Lead Qualification & Segmentation

With Rasayel, you can set up lead qualification bot flows in just a few minutes. The bot can ask qualifying questions using buttons and create profiles for leads based on their answers. It can prioritize leads based on your criteria, assign agents or teams to the leads, and more.

Complete Customer Journey on WhatsApp

Create WhatsApp flows and send them directly from Rasayel. Use flows for tasks like lead generation, registration, demo booking, and more. This means you don’t need to send links to customers to fill out forms on their browsers. Everything happens on WhatsApp, making it seamless and convenient for your customers.

Easy CRM Integration and Automation

Rasayel integrates easily with your existing CRM and other tools. You can automate repetitive tasks, track customer interactions, and ensure your sales team stays focused on what matters most – closing deals. This integration helps you maintain a smooth workflow and improves overall efficiency.

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Trengo vs. Rasayel: A Review of WhatsApp Chatbots

Rasayel’s chatbot features are built with sales teams in mind. They can qualify leads, automate follow-ups, and manage customer chats on WhatsApp. They ask questions, sort leads, and automate responses, making your sales process smooth and efficient.

Trengo’s flowbot, on the other hand, is built with support teams in mind. It can handle simple tasks and automate some interactions.

Here’s a simple comparison of the features:

Bot FeatureRasayelTrengo
Unlimited Chatbots✔️Depends on pricing plan
AI Integration✔️✖️
Custom Notifications✔️via “Rules”
Interactive Messages✔️✔️
WhatsApp Flows✔️✖️

Why Rasayel?

Rasayel is entirely focused on WhatsApp and is built with sales teams in mind. It offers features for efficient customer communications management and sales over WhatsApp. With features like AI chatbots, custom workflows, and deep CRM integrations, Rasayel helps sales teams engage with customers more effectively and close deals faster.

How to Use Rasayel to Sell on WhatsApp?

Using Rasayel can make selling on WhatsApp easy and effective. Here’s how:

1. Keep Track and Stay in Control

Monitor all activities. Rasayel lets you see and control all WhatsApp conversations across your team. You can track what agents are doing and how they’re interacting with customers. This keeps everything running smoothly and ensures high standards.

2. Manage Leads Efficiently

Automatically sort and prioritize leads with Rasayel’s data attributes. This means you can quickly find and follow up with the most important prospects, ensuring no opportunity is missed.

3. Integrate with Your CRM

Sync conversations automatically with your CRM. Rasayel integrates with Pipedrive, and HubSpot, and you can integrate Rasayel with any CRM system via Zapier. This saves time and ensures all interactions are logged correctly. It helps managers understand what’s happening and ensures compliance.

4. Report on Agent Performance

Detailed reports on sales engagement logging and agent performance can be easily created. With Rasayel’s HubSpot integration, these comprehensive reports are generated seamlessly, helping identify top performers and areas where support is needed.

Report generated in HubSpot.

5. Collaborate Easily

Rasayel makes it simple to assign and reassign leads to the right agents. This improves response times and ensures customers get the best service.

With notes and mentions, agents can leave notes on specific leads, providing context and important information directly within the conversations with the lead. By using mentions (@), agents can tag colleagues, bringing their attention to particular conversations or tasks instantly.

Notes and mentions in Rasayel.

6. Qualify and Nurture Leads

Automate Follow-Ups: Use tools to prioritize and nurture leads effectively. Automated follow-ups mean you stay in touch without extra effort.

7. Automate Workflows

You can improve customer engagement with powerful workflows. You can set automated messages in HubSpot, triggered by user actions. This keeps customers informed and engaged.

Hubspot Workflow.

Pricing: Rasayel vs. Trengo

Here is a detailed comparison of Rasayel’s Grow Plan and Trengo’s Boost Plan:

FeatureRasayel Grow PlanTrengo Boost Plan
Price$40 per user/month (Minimum 10 team members)€170/month for 5 users
ConversationsUnlimited3,600 conversations/year, €15 per additional 100
ChatbotYesAdd on
AI IntegrationYesNo
Custom NotificationsYesVia “Rules”
Interactive MessagesYesYes
WhatsApp FlowsYesNo
CRM IntegrationAdvancedBasic
Onboarding ProcessQuick 3-minute setupFrom 24 hours to a few days

Rasayel’s chatbot builder in action:

Choosing between Trengo and Rasayel depends on your business needs. If your primary focus is on WhatsApp sales, Rasayel offers more specialized features and better value. For multi-channel support, Trengo might be more suitable.

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Trengo and Rasayel both offer powerful features, but they serve different needs. Rasayel is great for sales teams focused on WhatsApp. It offers lead management, CRM integration, and automation tools that help close deals faster. It’s quick to set up and easy to use, making it ideal for B2B software businesses.

Trengo, on the other hand, is designed for customer support teams. It supports multiple communication channels and is perfect for industries like e-commerce and hospitality. It helps streamline interactions and improve teamwork.

Decide what your primary need is. If it’s boosting sales through WhatsApp, Rasayel is the way to go. If you need a robust multi-channel support system, Trengo might be better.

In the end, the right choice depends on your specific business goals and needs. Consider the features, pricing, and setup times to make an informed decision.

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