How Qoyod’s Sales Teams 2X Their Sales Using Rasayel

Miodrag Magyar
Last updated July 4, 2024
How Qoyod’s Sales Teams 2X Their Sales Using Rasayel


Increased sales


Saved time


Improved customer satisfaction

Qoyod, a B2B software company offering accounting solutions, faced difficult challenges managing their customer interactions on WhatsApp as they scaled. By integrating Rasayel, they centralized communication, automated processes, and personalized messaging. This led to doubling their sales conversions and saving 70% of the time on routine tasks.

About Qoyod

Based in the heart of Saudi Arabia, Qoyod offers user-friendly accounting software. Its platform is designed to simplify financial processes and improve accounting efficiency. The platform offers features such as invoicing, expense tracking, and financial reporting.

The Challenge

Before Rasayel, Qoyod’s sales team heavily relied on WhatsApp for customer interactions but as they scaled, they needed help managing these conversations effectively. During this time they faced several challenges:

Dropping leads

Qoyod had difficulty tracking and following up with potential customers, leading to many dropped leads. Without a systematic approach to managing and nurturing leads, valuable opportunities were often missed, challenging their ability to convert leads into clients.

Time-consuming FAQs

A large portion of time was spent answering repetitive questions, which reduced overall efficiency. The sales and support teams were slowed down by frequently asked questions, taking away precious time that could have been used for more effective customer engagements.

Lack of personalization

The team faced challenges in sending personalized campaigns, limiting their ability to connect with customers effectively. This lack of personalization made it difficult to tailor messages and offers to individual customer needs, resulting in lower engagement and satisfaction levels.

Difficulty monitoring chats

Managers lacked a full view of customer chats, making it hard to evaluate sales strategies and ensure quality interactions. Without detailed insights into the conversations between their team and customers, it was challenging for managers to identify areas for improvement and measure the effectiveness of their sales approaches.

Qoyod needed a better way to manage these interactions to maintain high-quality service.

The Solution

Qoyod integrated Rasayel to address these issues, bringing several improvements:

Centralized communication

The team inbox provided a unified view of customer interactions, allowing for efficient management. This centralized communication system made it possible for all messages and customer queries to be accessible from a single platform. This made it easier for the team to track conversations, respond promptly, and maintain a consistent level of service.

Roles & permissions

Defined roles and permissions meant that each team member had the appropriate level of access to customer information and tasks. This organization improved accountability and made it easier to manage workflows and responsibilities within the team.

Personalized campaigns

With Rasayel, Qoyod was able to broadcast personalized bulk messages to customers. With the ability to create and send targeted campaigns, the team could address specific customer concerns and opportunities more effectively, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.

The Impact

Rasayel brought several positive changes to Qoyod. Sales conversions nearly doubled within three months, showing a clear improvement in their ability to close deals. Automating tasks like welcome messages, quotations, and invoicing saved the sales team over 70% of their time on routine tasks, allowing them to focus more on engaging with customers. This increased efficiency and personalized communication led to a 40% improvement in customer satisfaction.

“No matter the size of the team or the number of customers, Rasayel helped in managing that very well. Additionally, it has improved consistency and provided historical data to reference at any time.” - H. Massad, Qoyod


Rasayel improved Qoyod’s customer communication, resulting in sales growth and operational efficiency. The centralized communication provided a unified view of customer interactions, making it easier for the team to manage conversations and respond promptly.

Automation features reduced the time spent on routine tasks, allowing the sales team to focus more on engaging with customers. These improvements led to a noticeable increase in sales conversions and overall productivity.

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