From Dropping Leads to Doubling Sales: Freeway Toyota’s Success with Rasayel

Miodrag Magyar
Last updated July 4, 2024
From Dropping Leads to Doubling Sales: Freeway Toyota’s Success with Rasayel


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Freeway Toyota, a leading Toyota Dealership serving Fresno, Tulare, Selma, Visalia, and the Visalia area of California, encountered some difficult challenges managing their customer interactions on WhatsApp.

By adopting Rasayel, they were able to overcome the limitations of the WhatsApp Business app and double their sales. Here’s their story:

About Freeway Toyota

Located in the heart of California, Freeway Toyota is known for its extensive selection of new and used cars, exceptional service, and customer-centric approach. They offer a wide range of Toyota models and provide comprehensive services, including parts and maintenance.

The Challenge

Before Rasayel, Freeway Toyota’s team relied on the WhatsApp Business app. Because of the limitations of the app compared to the WhatsApp Business API, they faced several hurdles:

Dropping leads

Freeway Toyota struggled with tracking and following up with potential customers, leading to a high number of dropped leads. Without an efficient system to manage and nurture leads, valuable opportunities were frequently missed, impacting their sales performance.

Time-consuming FAQs

A significant amount of time was spent answering repetitive questions, reducing overall efficiency. The sales team was slowed down by frequently asked questions, which took away time that could have been used for selling.

The Solution

Freeway Toyota partnered with Blue Orange, a digital marketing agency that introduced them to Rasayel. Once they implemented the WhatsApp Business API with Rasayel’s team inbox, they were able to address these challenges, resulting in several key improvements:

Centralized communication

The team inbox provided a unified view of customer interactions across departments. This centralized system allowed them to efficiently manage queries related to new and used cars, parts, and service bookings. Rasayel’s conversation management tools ensured that all messages were accessible from a single platform.

Automated chatbot

With the drag-and-drop chatbot builder in Rasayel, they were able to easily create a chatbot that filtered out common queries. By handling the initial level of customer questions, the chatbot freed up time for the sales team to engage with more promising leads and provide personalized responses.

Teams and organization

The ability to separate queries by departments using the Teams feature helped in organizing work and managing customer interactions more effectively. This structure improved accountability and streamlined workflows.

The Impact

Within three months after adopting Rasayel, sales conversions nearly doubled. Automating responses to FAQs saved the sales team 40% of their time, allowing them to focus on engaging with customers more effectively.

Additionally, the centralized communication system provided a clear overview of customer interactions, allowing better management and follow-ups.


Rasayel improved Freeway Toyota’s customer communication, resulting in increased sales and operational efficiency. It provided a unified view of customer interactions, making it easier for the team to manage conversations and respond promptly. The WhatsApp chatbot reduced the time spent on routine tasks, allowing the sales team to focus more on sales.

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