How Firstassist Cut Response and Resolution Times by Over 50% with Rasayel

Miodrag Magyar
Last updated May 29, 2024
How Firstassist Cut Response and Resolution Times by Over 50% with Rasayel

6 minutes

Average Response Time

8 minutes

resolution time

Key Impact

  • Reduction in response and resolution times, improving operational efficiency.
  • A unified team inbox streamlines vendor communications.
  • Chatbot directs incoming queries, improving team workflow.
  • Improvements in managing over 1500 vendors.

About Firstassist

Firstassist operates a round-the-clock call center providing roadside and home assistance across South Africa. The company initially used WhatsApp Chat Groups for vendor interactions. While this method was functional, it made it difficult to track and manage ongoing communications, crucial for their service-driven environment.

The Challenge

Firstassist faced challenges in managing communications through WhatsApp Chat Groups. The main issue was the inability to track open chats and monitor response times effectively. This inefficiency often led to delays and a lack of accountability in handling vendor inquiries.

The Solution

The transition to Rasayel marked a change in how Firstassist managed its communications, by adopting Rasayel’s integrated features, including:

  • A unified team inbox that provided a comprehensive view of all customer interactions.
  • A chatbot that automatically sorted incoming messages, ensuring they were sent to the correct department.
  • Roles and permissions that allowed for better organization within the team.

These features transformed Firstassist’s operational capabilities, enabling them to address their communication challenges effectively and maintain high standards of service.

The Impact

The implementation of Rasayel led to an improvement in communication efficiency at Firstassist. The platform enabled the company to maintain an average response time of 6 minutes and a resolution time of 8 minutes, positively affecting their overall operational effectiveness without directly influencing sales metrics.

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