How Factorial Boosted Sales with WhatsApp HubSpot Integration

Mohamed Elbadwihi
Last updated November 14, 2023
How Factorial Boosted Sales with WhatsApp HubSpot Integration

Factorial integrated WhatsApp with HubSpot through Rasayel. This integration transformed their sales approach, providing real-time insights and collaboration capabilities. With nearly 100 sales agents leveraging Rasayel, Factorial achieved remarkable outcomes:

  • Better Lead Qualification
  • Reactivation Campaigns
  • Centralized Support
  • Enhanced Visibility
  • Automated Engagement
  • Improved Collaboration
  • Personalized Communication
  • Faster Responses

A quote by Joao Ferreira, Sales Ops at Factorial.

About Factorial

Hailing from Spain, Factorial is a trailblazing SaaS company that’s making waves in nine global markets, including the UK, USA, and Brazil. They’re redefining HR with intuitive solutions that streamline and centralize administrative chores, making HR tasks a breeze.

Initially, the sales team at Factorial used the WhatsApp Business app on their personal phones to engage with potential and existing clients. However, this method made it difficult to precisely evaluate the effectiveness of their sales strategies. Recognizing the need for improvement and optimization, Factorial decided to take a crucial step forward: they connected WhatsApp to HubSpot using Rasayel. Dive into their success story:

The Challenge

In a country where WhatsApp reigns supreme, with over 90% of the population using it, Factorial initially turned to the WhatsApp Business App for customer and prospect interactions. However, they faced challenges due to agents using their personal WhatsApp numbers, making it difficult to track interactions efficiently at scale. They then transitioned to WhatHub and, subsequently, HubSpot. However, with HubSpot, they had almost no visibility into customer and prospect interactions over WhatsApp, which posed further hurdles.

The Solution

Recognizing WhatsApp’s significance in customer engagement, the company integrated the most popular messaging app with HubSpot via Rasayel. This strategic move revolutionized their sales approach, providing real-time insights and collaboration capabilities.

Factorial adopted Rasayel’s WhatsApp integration for HubSpot across three pivotal scenarios:

Lead qualification


Factorial had a vague understanding of their leads’ activity levels. They relied heavily on generic metrics, which provided a broad but somewhat superficial view of their clientele’s engagement.


With Rasayel’s WhatsApp integration for HubSpot, Factorial’s sales and account teams engaged leads with personalized finesse, leading to better lead understanding and more efficient follow-ups.

Reactivation Campaigns


Factorial had a limited ability to understand customer engagement data, hindering their capacity to segment leads effectively.


The integration enabled Factorial to delve deeper into customer engagement data, segmenting leads based on various criteria. This led to large-scale reactivation campaigns that successfully revived dormant accounts. They now had the tools to identify inactive leads, pinpoint the potential reasons for their inactivity, and tailor their outreach accordingly.

Newsletter Factorial used for large-scale reactivation campaigns.

The results were remarkable, with a substantial increase in reactivated accounts.

Centralized Support


Factorial’s customer support processes were fragmented, with manual activity logging creating inefficiencies and bottlenecks.


By centralizing conversations within the Rasayel platform, Factorial streamlined its customer journey, eliminating manual activity logging and improving efficiency. This centralized support approach enhanced communication, reduced response times, and provided a more seamless customer experience.

Today, nearly 100 sales agents use Rasayel to streamline customer relationship management, leading to immediate and remarkable outcomes.

The Impact

The impact of Rasayel’s WhatsApp integration for HubSpot was transformative.

Enhanced Visibility Into Tracking Customer Interactions

Factorial used Rasayel’s Engagement Logging to gain deeper insights into agent performance, customer interactions, and communication trends. It allowed them to create custom reports with detailed metrics on individual agent activities, template usage, and type of messages sent ensuring efficient and data-driven sales strategies.

Automated Engagement with Powerful HubSpot Workflows

Leveraging powerful HubSpot workflows, Factorial automated engagement processes. A prompt response workflow, triggered when a lead requested a demo, allowed immediate interaction, boosting engagement.

Improved Sales Collaboration Among Teammates

Private notes and mentions in Rasayel played a crucial role in aligning teams and facilitating faster communication. It became a vital tool for sharing feedback and maintaining coherence across interactions.

Notes and Mentions feature in Rasayel used by Factorial.

Personalized Communication

By harnessing data attributes, Factorial tailored their engagement even further. Understanding lead interests allowed for hyper-personalized interactions that resonated with potential customers.

Faster Responses

Customers appreciated the quicker response times, translating to a heightened customer experience. This improvement solidifies Factorial’s reputation as a responsive and attentive brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

HubSpot integrations are connections between HubSpot and other software tools that enhance functionality, automate workflows, and sync data, enabling users to streamline their marketing, sales, and customer service processes.

By integrating WhatsApp with HubSpot via Rasayel, Factorial has revolutionized their sales approach. This integration provides real-time insights, improved collaboration capabilities, and enhanced visibility into WhatsApp sales and customer interactions.

Factorial initially used the WhatsApp Business app, which resulted in agents using personal WhatsApp numbers, making it challenging to track interactions. Transitioning to WhatHub and HubSpot did not offer them the desired visibility into WhatsApp interactions either.

With Rasayel’s WhatsApp integration for HubSpot, Factorial’s sales and account teams can engage leads with personalized approaches, leading to a better understanding of their clientele’s engagement and more efficient follow-ups.

Rasayel’s WhatsApp integration for HubSpot allowed Factorial to delve deeper into customer engagement data. As a result, they could segment leads effectively, identify inactive leads, and design tailored outreach to reactivate dormant accounts.

By using Rasayel, Factorial centralized their customer conversations, eliminating manual activity logging. This resulted in better communication, reduced response times, and an improved customer experience.

Factorial achieved enhanced visibility into tracking customer interactions, automated engagement, improved sales collaboration, personalized communication, and faster response times.

Factorial used Rasayel’s Engagement Logging to gain deeper insights into agent performance, customer interactions, and communication trends. It allowed them to generate custom reports with detailed metrics.

Factorial harnesses data attributes to tailor their interactions, allowing for hyper-personalized engagement that resonates with potential customers.

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