How Digital Boost doubled their active client base with Rasayel

Miodrag Magyar
Last updated July 5, 2024
How Digital Boost doubled their active client base with Rasayel


Their active client base in 8 months


Increase in sales for their clients


Time savings for their clients

About the Rasayel Partner Program

The Rasayel Partner Program helps digital agencies, consultants, and individuals maximize their clients’ sales over WhatsApp. These partners offer Rasayel to their clients who use the platform to run sales workflows, automate repetitive communications, integrate WhatsApp with other tools, and ultimately boost sales.

Benefits from the Rasayel Partner Program

Become the superhero of your customers’ success stories 🦸🏽

Rasayel is a WhatsApp sales platform designed for B2B sales teams. We offer unlimited chatbot automation with no limit on triggers and conditions. With Rasayel, your clients can automate tasks and save up to 29.7% of their time, from lead qualification to nurturing and closing deals. Our platform simplifies workflows through GraphQL and REST APIs and offers native integrations with HubSpot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive.

And much more!

Your customers will see a tangible increase in their sales. You become the superhero of their story.

You bring the customers. We do everything else.

We support your customers as our own. We train and onboard them free of charge! We equip you with the marketing and sales collateral you need.

You get a free demo account to play around with Rasayel and access to our private roadmap.

We create a designated Slack channel for you to have access to all of our team members and get your questions answered quickly.

Be seen! Get customers

We feature you on our website, which attracts a large number of targeted users monthly.

We write about you and your services, and how you’ve helped customers grow their sales. We do other co-marketing activities like webinars (such as this one with Leandro Rodriguez from Digital Boost), podcasts and more with you.

A screenshot of the webinar hosted by Rasayel, featuring Digital Boost

Get rewarded!

You get 20% of the customer revenue.

About Digital Boost

Digital Boost is a leading provider of business communication solutions. They offer a complete setup process that fits each business’s needs, covering everything from basic to advanced software use.

Digital Boost focuses on customer success. They provide strategies, consulting, and best practices to help businesses reach their goals. They build long-term relationships with clients, offering continuous support and consulting. This customer-focused approach and their commitment to innovation make Digital Boost a leader in digital transformation for the retail sector in Latin America.

“The best part of our partnership with Rasayel is being part of this solution and having the opportunity to help clients improve their communication with their customers.” - Eric Aguerreberry, Digital Boost

The Challenge

Digital Boost faced several challenges. Firstly, they were receiving a high volume of calls but struggled to improve their conversion rates. In many cases, they couldn’t progress beyond the first call with potential clients. 

Secondly, they had included Zenvia Conversion and Front in their offerings but found that these platforms lacked user-friendliness and stability, particularly in chatbot functionality.

Additionally, the customer support from those platforms did not meet their expectations, and there was a noticeable absence of continuous feature development that their clients needed.

The Solution

Upon partnering with Rasayel, Digital Boost experienced several improvements across multiple business aspects.

  • Unlike other platforms, Rasayel proved much more user-friendly, allowing teams to onboard themselves with little to no help.
  • Rasayel’s chatbot was more powerful, stable, and flexible than others they’ve tried.
  • Customer support was far superior, providing timely and effective assistance.
  • Rasayel continuously added new features that were crucial for their business need
“We partnered with Rasayel because we highly value their platform’s stability, their frequent development of new features, and the exceptional quality of their team” - Eric Aguerreberry, Digital Boost

The Impact

After partnering with Rasayel, they saw a dramatic shift in their conversion rate. Not only did they enhance their customer interaction capabilities, but they also managed to double their active client base within the first 8 months.

Here are the results Digital Boost achieved for their clients through Rasayel:

  • On average, customers experienced nearly a 2x increase in sales within three months of using Rasayel.
  • The platform delivered a significant return on investment, ranging from 20-30%, for their customers.
  • Additionally, Rasayel reduced the time spent by sales and support teams by 20-30%, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.


The stability, frequent updates, and exceptional support offered by Rasayel have allowed Digital Boost to provide superior communication solutions to their clients, ultimately leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and streamlined business operations.

With 100% of their deals including Rasayel, Digital Boost continues to benefit from this strong partnership, ensuring they remain at the forefront of their industry.

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