How Deco Mart saw a 25% Increase in ROI over WhatsApp

Miodrag Magyar
Last updated April 26, 2024
How Deco Mart saw a 25% Increase in ROI over WhatsApp


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About Deco Mart

Deco Mart is a company that specializes in offering a curated online collection of pre-owned vintage furniture. In its journey, Deco Mart struggled with the common challenges of engaging effectively with leads and optimizing sales strategies.

The Challenge

Deco Mart was grappling with several critical issues. The lack of lead engagement, difficulty in assessing the effectiveness of sales and support strategies, and the unstable communication platform previously used were major obstacles. These challenges limited their ability to close deals and get insight into customer needs and preferences.

The Solution

Recognizing the need for a robust and reliable messaging solution, Deco Mart turned to Rasayel. With a user-friendly interface and advanced features for managing customer interactions, Rasayel offered a promising solution to the company’s woes.

Inbound Sales Channel for Online Sales

With Rasayel, Deco Mart established a direct and efficient communication channel for potential customers to inquire about products and services. This setup improved how Deco Mart engaged with leads, providing them with instant responses and detailed information at their fingertips.

As a result, more inquiries were effectively turned into sales. This proactive approach to customer engagement created a positive shopping experience, encouraging repeat business and improving overall customer loyalty.

Outbound Marketing Campaigns

With Rasayel, Deco Mart ran targeted outbound marketing campaigns, reaching over 25,000 contacts. This enabled them to send personalized messages that resonated with their customer base, keeping the brand top-of-mind and strengthening customer relationships.

This strategy proved to be an effective tool for boosting customer loyalty and driving sales, as customers felt valued and well-informed.

The Impact

Deco Mart’s decision to use Rasayel has led to:

Sales Growth

Using Rasayel for inbound sales and personalized customer interactions led to improved lead capture and engagement. The company doubled the sales within three months after integrating Rasayel.

ROI and Efficiency

Rasayel’s features reduced the sales & support teams’ workload by 20-30%. Rasayel has boosted profitability and significantly improved operational efficiency.

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