From Lead Loss to Double Sales: Casita's WhatsApp Transformation

Esraa Osama
Last updated April 5, 2024
From Lead Loss to Double Sales: Casita's WhatsApp Transformation


Increased sales




Reduced workload

In the bustling student housing industry, Casita stands out for its exceptional service and efficiency, thanks in part to integrating Rasayel into their operations. Here’s a snapshot of their journey to success:

  • Key Implementations: WhatsApp inbox and bots, custom CRM integration, and detailed user reports.
  • Impactful Results: Doubling of sales, 20-30% ROI, and a reduction in sales/support team workload by 30-40%.

About Casita

Casita, a leader in the student housing industry, specializes in connecting students worldwide with their ideal living situations. With a focus on simplifying the often-overwhelming process of finding student accommodation, Casita creates a smooth transition for students moving to new cities for their studies.

The company has grown rapidly, thanks to its commitment to addressing the unique needs of students. Despite this growth, Casita faced significant challenges in managing and engaging leads effectively, which threatened to stall its momentum.

Casita’s website

The Challenge

Casita’s success was slowed down by several critical issues before integrating Rasayel into their operations. They were losing leads due to slow response times and a lengthy sales cycle. This often resulted in potential customers losing interest.

Additionally, the lack of insight into the performance of their sales and support teams, as well as the effectiveness of their strategies, made it impossible to make informed decisions.

Casita used MessageBird as their primary WhatsApp communication tool. While MessageBird provided a basic framework for messaging, it fell short in delivering the comprehensive insights, integration capabilities, and automation features that Casita needed to elevate its lead management and engagement strategies.

The Solution

Rasayel introduced Casita to a suite of features designed to boost their sales and improve support processes. Rasayel’s chatbots for lead qualification and nurturing transformed how they interacted with potential customers.

A WhatsApp chatbot qualifying a lead.

Before Rasayel, the lack of detailed insights into team performance and strategy effectiveness left Casita guessing in the dark.

After Rasayel, detailed reports and analytics provided clear visibility, allowing for strategic adjustments that led to more effective sales and support efforts. Furthermore, their reports were synced with their CRM to auto trigger a campaign every time a new lead is added / a lead satisfies certain conditions.

The transition to Rasayel helped Casita to communicate with leads and customers on WhatsApp, but also improved their overall approach to sales and support,.

The Impact

The results of implementing Rasayel were immediate and significant. Casita saw their sales double within three months of using Rasayel’s features, with a notable 20-30% return on investment. The time saved for their sales and support teams was substantial, reducing workload by 30-40%, which allowed agents to focus more on engaging with customers rather than managing data entry and routine follow-ups.

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