SleekFlow Alternative with Deep WhatsApp CRM Integrations & Automation

Mohamed Elbadwihi
Last updated July 3, 2024
SleekFlow Alternative with Deep WhatsApp CRM Integrations & Automation

Deciding which WhatsApp platform is the right one for your team? Rasayel and SleekFlow are great choices but they differ in many ways. This article compares their capabilities, limitations and which businesses they serve best.

SleekFlow is known for bringing various channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and more into one platform. But for businesses whose main communication channel is WhatsApp, SleekFlow may not be the best option.

Meanwhile, Rasayel focuses only on WhatsApp as a channel & offers a streamlined solution to help businesses improve their sales and sales workflows over WhatsApp.

SleekFlow Alternative: SleekFlow vs. Rasayel

Below is a quick overview comparing SleekFlow and Rasayel to help you understand their key differences and decide which one suits your business needs better.

Built forSales TeamsMarketing & Support Teams
Supported ChannelsWhatsAppWhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, SMS, WeChat, Line, Viber, Telegram
Customer IndustriesB2B software businesseseCommerce, Real Estate, Education, Beauty, Travel
Customer SizeMid-sized to enterpriseMid-sized to enterprise
Customer Support LanguagesEnglish, Arabic, RussiaEnglish, Mandarin, German

SleekFlow Review: Pros & Cons


  • Supports multiple channels like Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.
  • It has commerce features like in-app product catalog for eCommerce businesses


  • Users complain about slowness and bugs in SleekFlow. Many found their version 2.0 not user-friendly
  • SleekFlow can be costly for businesses that need integration with other tools like HubSpot, Salesforce or Shopify, as they have to pay separately for the integrations

SleekFlow Alternative for B2B Sales on WhatsApp: SleekFlow Vs. Rasayel

When we interviewed customers who switched from SleekFlow to Rasayel, these were the most common reasons:

Stable & reliable platform

Many SleekFlow users complained that the platform was buggy and it took a long time to load chats or switch between features. They found Rasayel to be more stable, faster and with little to no bugs.

Flexibility for WhatsApp automation

With Rasayel, you can create bot flows with unlimited conditions and actions, giving you more flexibility in how you manage your automations. SleekFlow, on the other hand, requires you to pick from 4 pre-defined scenarios.

Rasayel lets you create in-flow WhatsApp forms like lead generation forms, registration forms and more. SleekFlow doesn’t offer these.

Both platforms let you see percentage of clicks on message buttons and add private notes to your teammates inside chatbotflows.

Deep WhatsApp CRM integration

Rasayel has deep integration with major CRMs like HubSpot, Pipedrive and Salesforce. Rasayel goes beyond automatic syncing of contacts between Rasayel and the CRM. It loggs all of your inbound and outbound messages and team’s acvtivities on contacts’ timeline in the CRM in real-time. You can create automations that include sending WhatsApp messages or sequence of messages. From the CRMs, you can talk to your customers over WhatsApp. Your team’s WhatsApp activities can be used as native data to generate report on the CRM, helping managers find bottlenecks and offer support where needed.

Better team collaboration

Both SleekFlow & Rasayel allow you to automate assigning agents to customer chats. In Rasayel, you can branch out one bot flow and have different agents or teams assigned at each branch. With Sleekflow, businesses need to assign one agent/team assigned to each flow in advance.

But that’s not all. With Rasayel, you can define any role and permission for each team member, meanwhile, SleekFlow requires you to choose from 3 roles with pre-selected permissions.

Why Rasayel?

Rasayel is built for B2B sales teams that use WhatsApp as their main customer communication channel. It gives you more flexibility over WhatsApp automation in triggers, assignment and in-WhatsApp forms for lead generation, demo booking and more.

If you use HubSpot or Pipedrive and need a deep integration between your CRM and WhatsApp, Rasayel is a better choice. You get to see not only all of your WhatsApp chats and activities on the CRM but are able to talk to customers over WhatsApp without leaving the CRM and generate in-depth reports about your team’s WhatsApp activities to make data-driven decisions.

How to Use Rasayel to Sell on WhatsApp?

Rasayel brings all of a team’s WhatsApp chats into one inbox, offering managers a full view of their team’s WhatsApp communications. With Rasayel’s CRM integration, you can generate CRM reports based on your team’s WhatsApp activities and make informed decisions about your sales strategies. You have full control over defining roles and permissions for your team, instead of choosing from pre-selected roles and permissions.

Sales agents get to automate a whole range of repetitive communications like lead qualification, segmentation, nurtuting, lead prioritization and follow-ups. This minimizes dropping leads and allows them to attend to leads in a timely manner. Rasayel’s automatic logging of WhatsApp activities and messages on CRMs removes the need to switch between WhatsApp and the CRM and teams see a boost in their productivity.

Rasayel Grow Plan ($400)SleekFlow Premium Plan ($300)
Unlimited contact10k contacts
10 Users5 Users
25 messaging channels10 messaging channels
HubSpot integration freeHubSpot integration ($200 additionally)
Onboarding support includedOnboarding support included


Choosing the right platform for your B2B sales team can significantly impact your sales efficiency and customer interactions. While SleekFlow is a great solution for businesses managing multiple communication channels, it may not cater specifically to the needs of businesses using WhatsApp as their primary channel.

Rasayel is built specifically for B2B software companies selling over WhatsApp, providing advanced automation, deep CRM integration, and simple pricing. By focusing solely on WhatsApp, Rasayel ensures a streamlined, efficient, and integrated sales process, making it a strong alternative for teams seeking to optimize their WhatsApp communications and drive better sales outcomes.

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