9 Must-Know Sales Productivity Tools To Sell Like Crazy

Omar Nabil
Last updated July 5, 2024
9 Must-Know Sales Productivity Tools To Sell Like Crazy

Productivity is all about doing more with less time. In sales, being productive and efficeint with time is essential to closing more deals. This is why sales productivity tools are becoming increasingly important as they help salespeople maximize their effectiveness by helping them focus on high ROI tasks that moves the needle.

The average sales agent only spends about 35% of their day actually selling. The rest? They spend a lot of time on repetitive tasks, administrative tasks, and chasing down leads. Sales productivity tools are designed to take care of these time-consuming aspects, allowing sales agents to be much more productive with their time.

In this article, we’re going to dive into the importance of sales productivity tools & uncover the best platforms that exist in today’s market.

What Are Sales Productivity Tools?

Now we know that these tools will make your sales team more productive. But first, let’s define these tools.

Sales productivity tools are tools that aim to reduce any time wasted on low-return tasks and help sales teams get more work done in less time. Examples of these tools include:

These different types of productivity tools all work together to help sales teams be more efficient. We all have 24 hours a day, but only productive sales agents make the most out of them and get more done in a week than others do in a month.

Role of Sales Productivity Tools

Sales productivity tools are designed to free up your sales agents’ time from the mundane stuff and dedicate this time to more important tasks. They automate repetitive tasks like data entry, so your agents can focus on the real magic—building relationships with prospects and closing more deals.

There are tools for every step of the sales journey. Like a central hub (a CRM) that saves all your customer data. Then there is a tool to help you find new prospects, like having a built-in radar. Is that it? No, there are also tools for automating tasks and simplifying the sales process even more.

Finally, there are tools that use AI to analyze customer data & provide reliable insights. These tools help sales agents make informed decisions or forecast the deals to be closed this month.

Now, let’s take a look at our top picks when it comes to sales productivity.

1. Rasayel

Rasayel App Snapshot.webp

This tool is best for: Sales Communication & Collaboration

Rasayel offers a shared team inbox built specifically for B2B sales over WhatsApp. It’s like having a central command center for all your WhatsApp conversations. With Rasayel, the entire team can see the conversation history, collaborate on responses, and ensure no message gets lost. This helps make the response time much faster, and handoffs between sales agents become much smoother.

It goes beyond just a fancy inbox. It’s loaded with features that boost sales productivity. Such as automated no-code chatbots that can qualify leads, saving your agents time on those leads who will never convert. Also, Rasayel offers integration with the most popular CRMs to help you simplify the sales process even more and stop juggling between multiple apps to perform simple tasks.

The best part is that getting started with Rasayel is easy. Literally, you can start using it in just a few minutes.

Key Sales Productivity Features:

  • Shared Team Inbox: Collaborate and manage customer conversations in one central location, ensuring no lead gets missed and facilitating seamless teamwork.
  • No-Code Chatbot: Automate lead qualification & basic interactions with easy-to-build chatbots, freeing up your sales agents for high-value conversations.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Simplify scheduling with integrated functionalities that allow leads to book demos or calls directly within the WhatsApp chat.
  • CRM Integrations: Integrate seamlessly with popular CRM systems for a smooth workflow & comprehensive data analysis.

2. Zoom


This tool is best for: Sales Communication & Collaboration

Zoom offers more than just being a video conferencing tool to host meetings & demos with potential customers. The company has invested in advanced AI features to help sales agents during their sales calls. These features include insights like what questions to ask or how long a sales agent should spend talking, allowing your team to be more productive during sales calls and make fewer mistakes.

With more and more companies offering AI companions this year, Zoom also offers an AI assistant to help your sales agent summarize key points after calls. This helps your team focus on the call rather than talking and taking notes at the same time. Also, by leveraging AI models, Zoom now offers translation in real-time during the sales call. This feature is so useful if your team speaks multiple languages or you’re selling to multiple regions. It’s not an issue anymore.

Key Sales Productivity Features:

  • Easy-to-use interface with high-quality video and audio functionality
  • AI integrations to help sales reps learn what strategies work best with prospects

3. Highspot


This tool is best for: Sales Enablement

Highspot is a content enablement platform designed to equip your sales team with the right content to help them close more deals. It goes beyond content storage. It allows sales agents to personalize presentations and proposals with ease. With features that allow them to automatically insert customer data or highlight a specific feature that aligns with the prospect’s needs. This, of course, helps your sales team be more productive with their time.

Key Productivity Features:

  • Centralized Content Hub
  • Advanced Personalization Features
  • Automated content recommendations based on prospects sage in the funnel

4. SalesLoft


This tool is best for: Sales Engagement

SalesLoft is a sales engagement platform that provides a suite of tools designed to simplify sales workflows, help your sales team close deals & bring more money to the business.

This tool offers multi-channel tools to help improve customer engagement. For example, email tracking tools that reveals all the engagement data in real time. It also provides real-time insights to help you improve your emails or communication skills in general; think of it as on-the-spot feedback integrated into your software.

This tool offers a variety of features, from pipeline building to pipeline management and forecasting. This leading sales engagement helps your sales teams unify the workflow on a single platform that can do everything for them.

Key Features:

  • Central hub for storing, organizing, and sharing all your sales content, including presentations, brochures, product data sheets & more.
  • Enables reps to personalize content based on prospect needs and preferences, boosting engagement and effectiveness.
  • Tracks content usage & performance, providing valuable insights to help you optimize your content strategy.
  • Allows teams to collaborate on content creation & share best practices.

5. Apollo.io


This tool is best for: Sales Prospecting

Are you tired of wasting time on bad sales leads? Apollo.io eliminates that frustration. This prospecting tool validates contact information, ensuring your team reaches the right decision-makers with accurate data. It simplifies prospecting by saving your sales agents hours searching for contacts, allowing them to focus on building relationships & closing deals.

Key Productivity Features:

  • Validates contact information & ensures data accuracy.
  • Reach prospects through email, phone, and social media.
  • Enriches lead profiles with additional information.
  • Automates prospecting tasks like email sequences and follow-ups.
  • Enables teams to share leads and track progress.

6. Oliv AI

Oliv AI Snapshot

This tool is best for: Sales Automation

Oliv AI focuses on boosting sales agents’ productivity by offering a multitude of features that save a lot of time. It guarantees that your agents are prepared for each and every sales call by providing pre-written sales scripts and coaching advice.

It also offers built-in features that automatically automate prospect research by gathering information about potential customers. This saves a gigantic amount of time from your working hours that can be spent on even higher ROI activities.

Oliv also uses AI to analyze sales conversations in real time and provides insights into your sales agent’s performance. This helps you and your sales teams identify areas for improvement.

Key features:

  • Enhanced Pre-Meeting Preparation: Oliv AI streamlines pre-meeting prep by consolidating client data, identifying potential needs, and generating personalized talking points. This allows sales representatives to arrive at meetings well-prepared and deliver focused pitches.

  • Effortless Post-Meeting Follow-Up: Oliv AI automates routine tasks like sending thank-you emails, setting follow-up reminders, and tracking action items. This frees up valuable time for sales reps and guarantees a smooth post-meeting workflow.

  • Data-Driven Sales Insights: Oliv AI analyzes sales conversations and client interactions. This data is used to generate insights that can help refine sales strategies and improve future deal-closing rates.

7. Calendly


This tool is best for: Sales Communication & Collaboration

Calendly can be a valuable tool for sales agents by streamlining the scheduling process and freeing time to focus on selling.

This can be done by sharing your availability upfront, prospects can book meetings directly on your calendar, eliminating the back-and-forth and keeping the sales cycle moving smoothly.

This means less time wrestling with schedules and more time focused on what really matters: building relationships and closing deals.

Key features:

  • Automates Reminders & Follow-ups: You can set up automated reminders and follow-ups through Calendly to reduce the risk of no-shows and keep prospects engaged.
  • Eliminates Scheduling back-and-forth: Calendly allows you to share your availability with prospects, who can then book meetings directly on your calendar without requiring lengthy email exchanges. This saves both you and the prospect time and frustration.
  • Integrates with sales tools: Calendly integrates with many popular sales CRMs and other tools, allowing you to keep all your sales data in one place.

8. Slack


This tool is best for: Sales Communication & Collaboration

Sales teams sometimes suffer from slow communication and unorganized scattered information. Slack can help with that by offering a centralized hub for all the team members (also other teams in the organization) to talk and share files with ease. This makes communication with the team a breeze. Ultimately saving time and helping sales teams of all sizes become more productive and lose zero bits of information.

Key Sales Productivity Features:

  • Real-time Communication: Slack facilitates quick and easy communication, eliminating the need for lengthy email chains. This streamlines decision-making and keeps projects moving forward

  • Channels: Organize conversations and information by project, team, or topic. This keeps everyone focused on what’s relevant and reduces information overload.

  • File Sharing: Share documents, images, and other files directly within channels or chats. This fosters collaboration & ensures everyone has access to the latest information.

  • Integrations: Connect Slack with your favorite productivity tools (CRMs, project management, Google Drive) to keep everything centralized and avoid context switching.

9. Grain


This tool is best for: Sales Automation & Collaboration

Back in the day, note-taking and recording sales calls used to be much harder. These kinds of tasks can be a huge time-waster for sales teams, even to this day. Grain is a tool that can help with all of that. This magical tool offers automatic note-taking features to help agents stay present in their sales calls and never lose their laser focus.

It also helps agents skip the data entry and transfer these notes with auto-sync to CRM contact & deal records. This saves at least 50% of your sales agent time during a sales call and eliminates the need to write these notes twice, once during the meeting and once again after into the CRM.

Key Sales Productivity Features:

  • AI meeting notes: Grain can automatically generate meeting notes, transcripts, and video highlights, eliminating the need for manual note-taking and saving salespeople time.
  • Video highlights & sharing: Grain can automatically generate video highlights of key moments in meetings, which can be shared with other team members.
  • Auto-Sync: This feature helps sales agents transfer the automatically generated meeting notes into the CRM contact details and deal records.


There you have it folks! These sales productivity tools will equip your team with everything they need to dominate every stage of the sales funnel. Remember, the best tools are not the ones with the highest reviews or the most users; they are the ones that address your specific needs.

Explore & try different tools; most of them offer a free trial. So you can test-drive their features and see if they are a good fit for your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sales productivity tools are software applications designed to help salespeople work more efficiently and effectively throughout the sales cycle. These tools can automate tasks, improve communication, manage data, and provide valuable insights to help close more deals.

  • Increased sales productivity: By automating tasks and streamlining workflows, sales reps can focus on high-value activities like building relationships and closing deals.
  • Improved communication and collaboration: Sales productivity tools can help teams communicate more effectively with prospects and collaborate on deals more efficiently.
  • Better data management: These tools can help sales reps track and manage customer data more effectively, leading to better decision-making.
  • Enhanced sales coaching: Some tools offer features like real-time coaching and performance insights, helping sales reps improve their skills.

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software
  • Sales automation tools
  • Email tracking and outreach tools
  • Sales intelligence and data enrichment tools
  • Content management and personalization tools
  • Sales forecasting and pipeline management tools

The best sales productivity tool for your team will depend on your specific needs and budget. Consider factors like the size of your sales team, your sales methodology, and the features that are most important to you.

  • Learning curve: Some sales productivity tools can have a steep learning curve for sales reps. - Data security: It’s important to choose a tool that has strong data security measures in place. - Integration: Ensure the tool integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM and other sales software.

Sales productivity tools can range in price from free to tens of thousands of dollars per year. The cost will depend on the features you need and the size of your sales team. Oliv AI focuses on boosting sales agents’ productivity by offering a multitude of features that save a lot of time. By offering pre-built sales scripts and coaching tips, it ensures your agents are ready for every sales call. It also offers built-in features that automatically automate prospect research by gathering information about potential customers. This saves a gigantic amount of time from your working hours that can be spent on even higher ROI activities. Oliv also uses AI to analyze sales conversations in real time and provides insights into your sales agent’s performance. This helps you and your sales teams identify areas for improvement.

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