Top 7 Sales Management Tools for High-Performing Sales Teams

Omar Nabil
Last updated July 3, 2024
Top 7 Sales Management Tools for High-Performing Sales Teams

What is the secret behind high-performing sales teams? How do they manage the sales cycle effectively without wasting so much time? The answer is: that they don’t waste time on tasks that don’t matter. These teams utilize the best sales management tools available to them to save time and effort.

Making the most efficient use of their time & resources can occasionally be the key to high-performing sales teams. Top-notch sales training is readily available online & all sales strategies are essentially the same. Thus, the key to their exceptional success is a workflow that is so efficient that it eliminates all waste of time and allows the team to concentrate entirely on closing more deals.

In this article, we’re going to discover sales management tools & how impactful they can be on your sales team. So grab a seat, make a cup of coffee & let’s dive deep into the world of sales management tools.

What is Sales Management Software?

Sales management software is a tool that provides sales managers with detailed overviews of the sales pipeline and processes. It helps sales managers effectively manage their team, identify key insights, and adjust their sales strategy over time. These types of sales management tools also help sales teams connect all the other tools they use daily, such as messaging apps and CRMs.

A sales management tool helps sales managers quickly access key information to make better decisions and fine-tune their team’s sales workflow. This results in enhanced sales performance and pipeline management. Such tools can be considered a map used to navigate the sales cycle for sales managers and team leaders.

These sales management tools are the operating system for modern, efficient, and high-performing sales teams. Combining key tools, including a sales CRM software tool, built-in calling, email automation, and lead management, ensures that everyone—from your individual sales agents to the sales manager—has the tools they need to do their best work.

Who Needs A Sales Management Tool?

Sales agents, directors and executives who want to build a high-performing sales team will greatly benefit from using sales management tools. The job of sales directors and executives is to oversee the entire sales cycle, ensuring all tools, processes, and people work together toward a common sales goal.

The best sales teams run on data. For sales directors and executives, sales management software provides powerful reporting to help forecast future earnings, set company goals and discover new opportunities and trends.

So, pretty much every sales team on planet Earth can benefit from leveraging such tools.

1. Rasayel

Rasayel WhatsApp team inbox.

Built For: B2B Software Sales Teams

Best features:

  • No-Code Chatbot Builder
  • Automation Tools
  • Reporting
  • Deep Integration with popular CRM platforms

Rasayel is a customer communication platform specifically designed for B2B sales over WhatsApp. Since the WhatsApp Business Platform does not offer an interface, Rasayel bridges this gap, allowing businesses to use the WhatsApp Business Platform with ease.

With the shared team inbox Rasayel is best known for, sales team members can collaborate and manage customer conversations in one central location. It doesn’t stop there; it simplifies the whole sales workflow and makes it more efficient. Rasayel can automate the lead qualification process through no-code chatbots and automation tools. These tools can gather information from leads during their initial WhatsApp interaction, such as budget range, pain points, or industry. This saves reps time and ensures they focus on qualified leads.

This tool makes it easy for sales teams to integrate various CRM systems and other business tools for a better workflow. By integrating Rasayel with any of these CRMs, your team will have performance tracking and analytics reporting to help sales managers measure the effectiveness of their WhatsApp sales strategy. It is the ultimate all-in-one sales management tool.

So, if your team relies heavily on WhatsApp to qualify and close leads, then Rasayel is your go-to solution.

You can start using Rasayel in just 3 minutes. After creating your account, your team will be able to use the WhatsApp Business Platform from an unlimited number of devices using the same phone number. Not only that, but they can also build chatbots to nurture leads automatically and save up some time for more complicated tasks.

As a sales director or team leader you will have all the necessary performance tracking tools and analytics inside Rasayel. So, no need to use multiple tools or applications to do all of this.

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2. Copper

Copper sales management tool.

Built for: Teams who rely heavily on email

Best feature: Works seamlessly with Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite).

Copper, formerly known as ProsperWorks, is arguably the only sales management solution that was made to work with Google Workspace. This feature sets Copper apart from other CRM software on the market with its niche focus and unique quality.

It helps you automate tasks, track emails, and manage your leads and contacts like any other CRM. But what makes it stand out is its project management features with Kanban cards, eliminating the need for any other platform.

If your team operates using Google Workspace or Gmail, then Copper is the CRM for you.

3. Close

Close CRM platform.

Best for: SMBs, startups, and remote sales teams

Best feature: Built-in calling and voicemail dropping: Eliminates the need for separate phone systems and allows recording calls for review.

Close CRM cuts through the noise for startups and SMBs with inside sales teams. This all-in-one sales platform streamlines communication and automates tasks, putting efficiency at the forefront. Built-in calling, voicemail dropping, and email automation features eliminate the need for multiple systems and free up time for sales reps to focus on closing deals.

Close CRM is known for its user-friendly interface and ease of use. This makes it a breeze for teams to adopt, maximizing its impact on your sales process. Plus, competitive pricing plans make it an attractive option compared to some enterprise-level CRMs. However, it’s important to consider if extensive customization or in-depth reporting are crucial for your needs. Close focuses on core functionalities to streamline workflows and might not be ideal for businesses with highly complex sales processes.

4. Capsule

Capsule sales management tool.

Built for: Small Sales Teams

Best feature: Lightweight & Easy to learn

If your sales team likes easily adaptable software, Capsule is the way to go. It’s great for fast-moving, small sales teams that don’t have time to waste on complex sales management tools. These teams are simply looking for more robust solutions to optimize their sales workflow and processes.

The CRM software focuses on prioritizing sales opportunities and customer interaction, making it easy to manage the entire sales cycle on one platform. Through a fully customizable user interface, Capsule’s CRM system is suited for businesses that communicate with their customers through multiple channels and also wish to improve productivity and reduce time-consuming tasks. 

Offering a custom-built sales pipeline dashboard, Capsule gives users the freedom to monitor and predict sales possibilities and generate reports to keep track of opportunities throughout the sales process. This custom-built dashboard can be changed to fit your specific needs. So you are simply designing your own dashboard, adding custom fields, and changing the way it looks, just as if it were a software solution built just for your team.

5. Freshsales by Freshworks

Freshsales CRM.

Built for: Medium to Large Sales Teams

Best feature:

  • Integration with the entire Freshworks ecosystem, also Integrated Live Chat Features.

Freshsales is a CRM with more features than a Swiss army knife. However, they also focus on simplicity. They offer a host of single-page views—from lead management to sales tracking. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, Freshworks falls short in their database management which can be messy and limiting.

With a complete ecosystem that can be integrated with the press of a button, this CRM can be a very good choice for your team. The Freshworks ecosystem has a lot of apps, such as FreshDesk, FreshCaller, FreshChat, and Fresh Customer Service Suite. All these tools can be integrated with the CRM, which makes it an all-in-one solution for your company.

Nevertheless, they have one of the top CRM ratings on G2. So, they’re definitely worth a free test drive.

6. Bitrix24

Bitrix 24. A cloud-based solution for managing the sales pipeline.

Built for: Sales teams of all sizes

Best feature: Built-in Communication Suite

Bitrix24 offers a cloud-based solution for managing your sales pipeline. Capture leads from various sources and nurture them through the qualification stages. Visualize your sales pipeline to track deal progress effectively, identify potential bottlenecks, and optimize your sales efforts. Bitrix24’s automation features can eliminate repetitive tasks like follow-up emails and task assignments, allowing your sales team to focus on closing deals.

Effective communication is key to a successful sales team. Bitrix24 equips your team with built-in features like email, telephony, and instant messaging. This fosters seamless collaboration among sales reps and facilitates smooth communication with leads and clients. Additionally, an activity stream keeps everyone updated on all interactions and tasks related to deals, promoting transparency and streamlined workflows.

Bitrix24 caters to businesses of various sizes. A free plan with a surprising range of features makes it an attractive option for startups and small businesses. Paid plans offer additional functionalities to accommodate the evolving needs of growing companies. This scalability ensures Bitrix24 remains a relevant tool for your sales team as your business thrives.

7. Insightly

Insightly. A cloud-based CRM and pipeline management tool.

Built for: Small & Medium-sized sales teams

Best features:

  • Intuitive Interface, easy to navigate and use.
  • Sales Pipeline & Project Management tools
  • Highly Customizable CRM to fit specific your needs

Insightly is a cloud-based CRM and pipeline management tool that makes it easy for teams to collaborate and work from anywhere. Depending on which plan you choose, you can streamline a variety of pipelines, tasks, and workflows, whether for sales and marketing teams or general project management.

Insightly offers brightly colored charts on easy-to-read customizable dashboards, so you can access the data you need and understand what you’re looking at quickly.

While it lacks phone support and offers workflow automation only on high-tier plans, with its ease of use and ability to do heavy customizations, it’s still an option to look at when choosing the perfect sales management tool for your sales team.


Great list! But which tool should you choose to manage your sales?

In the end, choosing the right sales management software depends on your personal preferences, needs, and team size. But since migrating to new software is always a pain, it’s very important to pick the right sales management tool that fits your sales team perfectly.

There is no one tool that is perfect for every sales team; that’s why you can always choose a mix of these tools and incorporate them into your sales workflow. For example, if your team is selling B2B software over WhatsApp, you can choose HubSpot and Rasayel and integrate them together for a perfect workflow. 

So, do your homework and choose what works best for your team’s needs and what supplements the workflow you want to build. All of these sales management solutions are excellent choices for developing a successful sales force that increases income. Select the one that best suits your demands and works well with the team’s workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

A sales management tool is any digital tool that allows sales managers to learn and keep track of KPIs across their company. Sales management software allows sales managers to see which salespeople need help to perform better and empowers them to give them the help they need. They’ll also analyze and report on data so the manager can make better data-driven decisions.

Sales management tools are made to help both managers and salespeople, allowing them to meet their sales quotas, track KPIs, and reduce the time spent anywhere else that’s not selling. It can help sales and marketing teams work together to keep your sales pipeline running. A sales CRM also allows you to keep track of customers and automate boring, time-consuming activities to focus your time where you need it the most fully. You can also use it to keep track of your sales process and sales reps and for sales managers to help sales teams and sales reps.

The sales management process is the activity of developing a strong sales team, coordinating sales, and implementing strategies to meet and surpass sales quotas reliably and consistently. A good sales management strategy is therefore extremely important to the success of any sales team, allowing them to get better results in record times.

The 5 most important sales management functions are:

  1. Sales Analysis
  2. Sales Planning
  3. Strategy Implementation and Supervision
  4. Decision Making
  5. Sales Quotas Establishing

The best way to do sales management is to hire the best salespeople, develop good training processes, give salespeople the sales tools they need to succeed, keep track of KPIs, develop an effective sales process, and try new things to improve. There are infinite ways to approach it since there’s no such thing as a perfect sales management process. The more you try, test, and innovate, the better you’ll do at sales management. The best sales teams run on data. For sales directors and executives, sales management software provides powerful reporting to help forecast future earnings, set company goals, and discover new opportunities and trends. So, pretty much every sales team on planet Earth can benefit from leveraging such tools.

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