The Role of Emojis in WhatsApp Marketing

Miodrag Magyar
Last updated July 20, 2023
The Role of Emojis in WhatsApp Marketing

If you haven’t 🏠👇🪨 (find the translation at the end of the article) in the past ten years, chances are you use emojis regularly when you message people or post something on social media.

“Emoji is the body language of the digital age,” according to Vyvyan Evans, a professor of linguistics and an expert on language and digital communication. “It really is a form of digital communication replicating and catching up with actual real-life communication.”

Emojis vey the tone and emotion of a message in a way that text alone cannot. However, it’s important to use emojis sparingly and in a way that is appropriate for the message you are trying to convey. Overuse of emojis can make a message appear unprofessional or cluttered.

Today, 92% of online consumers use emojis. These little symbols have the power to make any conversation or statement lighthearted and fun🙃.

What are emojis?

Emojis are small digital images that represent facial expressions, objects, and concepts. They are increasingly used on social media platforms and have become a significant part of popular culture.

Originally developed in Japan in the 1990s, the name “emoji” comes from the 🇯🇵 words “e,” meaning “picture,” and “moji,” meaning “character.” Emojis were created as an evolution of emoticons, which were popular in the 1980s. Unlike emoticons, emojis vey a broader range of emotions and personalities.🤪

In 2011, emojis were added to 📱keyboards as a permanent feature.

Why you should use emojis in WhatsApp Marketing?

Emojis are based on a universal language. There are no language limits. They are ideal for conversational marketing because they are short and simple. They attract attention and have a high rate of recognition, no matter the age, gender, or any other variable in your target groups, which is essential for integration into marketing campaigns.

Emojis vey a more personal and emotional message by adding warmth and an exciting tone to a conversation.

Promotional WhatsApp message with emojis.

Subject lines with emojis see a 56% increased open rate compared to plain and simple subject lines, while push notifications that contain emojis are 85% more likely to be opened, and conversion rates go up by 9%.

How to use emojis in WhatsApp Marketing?

Emojis can substitute a word with the same or similar meaning (literal or figurative) or can be used to accompany a word or a phrase. Emojis can be added to the text by using special characters :) or by selecting them from a menu on a smartphone or computer.🙂


There are countless different emojis, including smiley faces, food items, animals, activities, etc. Some emojis are specific to certain cultures or countries, while others are more widely understood.

Here are some tips for using emojis in WhatsApp marketing:

Add personality and emotion to your messages 🤗

Emojis can help convey your message’s tone and emotion in a way that text alone cannot. For example, you could use a laughing emoji to show that your message is meant to be humorous or a heart emoji to show that your message is heartfelt.

Use emojis in moderation🤏

Too many emojis can make your message appear cluttered and unprofessional. Stick to using a few relevant emojis per message rather than trying to cram in as many as possible.

Be mindful of cultural differences🌏

Different emojis can have different meanings in some countries or regions. Make sure to research the meanings of any emojis you plan to use to avoid any misunderstandings.

Use emojis to break up large blocks of text🏗

Emojis can help break up long text blocks and make your message more visually appealing. Just be sure not to overdo it, as this can make your message difficult to read.

Test out different emojis to see what works best⚙️

Experiment with different emojis to see which ones work best for your brand and audience. You may find that certain emojis are more effective at conveying the tone and emotion of your message than others.


Emojis can be a valuable tool for WhatsApp marketing as they have a universal language and are simple and attention-grabbing🎉. When you use emojis in your messaging, you can add warmth and personality to your conversation. However, it is vital to use them sparingly and in a way that is appropriate for the message being conveyed, as overuse can make a message appear unprofessional or cluttered.

Consider cultural differences and the meanings of different emojis, as they may be interpreted differently in some regions. By being mindful of these factors, you can use emojis to increase customer engagement and enhance the overall effectiveness of marketing campaigns on WhatsApp.

PS: If you still haven’t figured out the meaning of the emoji phrase I used at the beginning of this article,🏠👇🪨 the translation is: “live under a rock.” 😂

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