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Last updated June 14, 2024 Alternative for B2B Sales Teams

Deciding which WhatsApp platform is the right one for your team? Rasayel and are excellent choices but they’re different in many ways. This article compares their capabilities, limitations & which businesses they serve best. is well-known for helping businesses unify various communication channels into one platform, but it may not completely address the needs of businesses using WhatsApp as their main communication channel.

Meanwhile, Rasayel focuses only on WhatsApp as a channel & offers a streamlined solution to help businesses sell better to their customers over WhatsApp. Alternative: vs. Rasayel

Below is a quick overview comparing & Rasayel to help you understand their key differences and decide which one suits your business needs better.
Built ForSales TeamsSales Teams
Supported ChannelsWhatsAppWhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, SMS, WeChat, Line, Viber, Telegram (10 channels)
Customer IndustriesB2B Software BusinesseseCommerce, Education, Hospitality, Automation, HR, IT
Customer SizeMid-sized to EnterpriseMid-sized to Enterprise
Support LanguagesEnglish, Arabic, RussianEnglish, Mandarin, German Review: Pros & Cons


  • It unifies many communication channels, allowing you to do omnichannel sales
  • It has features for eCommerce businesses, such as Product Catalog
  • It has advanced features like automation, campaigns & more


  • Businesses pay for every contact that interacts with them, including spams & unqualified leads
  • Automation is limited to 8 pre-defined triggers and 10 in-flow conditions. HTTP request for integration with other tools is not included in their popular plan.
  • Costly onboarding fee of $500 Alternative for B2B Sales Teams: Rasayel

1. WhatsApp Platform for B2B Software Sales

Rasayel empowers your team to run entire sales process on WhatsApp, save time and collaborate better together. Use Rasayel’s no-code chatbot builder to automate your repetitive communications from lead qualification, segmentation to lead nurturing, demo booking & follow ups. Simplify replying to leads with interactive messages with buttons. You can send fillable forms like lead qualification, demo booking or feedback forms, removing the need for leads to exit WhatsApp to take these actions.

2. Deep CRM Integration

If you use HubSpot, Salesforce or Pipedrive & want to see important WhatsApp information and context from conversations on your CRM and vice versa, Rasayel is the right solution for you.

With a Deep CRM integration, Contacts are synced automatically between Rasayel and CRMs. WhatsApp communications between teams and customers are automatically and in real-time logged on the CRM. Managers can generate reports on their team’s WhatsApp interactions and make data-driven decisions. They can also create automations from CRM that include sending WhatsApp messages or chatbot flows.

3. Cost-Effective & Transparent Pricing

Rasayel’s pricing is based on the number of users only. There are no hidden or extra charges for messaging volume or the number of contacts you interact with monthly. There are no extra charges for onboarding and support.

Why Are B2B Software Businesses Switching from to Rasayel

Better Platform Stability

Users who found’s whatsapp platform buggy, found Rasayel to be stable and have a more functional UI.

Deeper CRM Integrations’s integration with major CRMs like HubSpot & Salesforce are through Zapier. The integration allows syncing contact information between and the CRM.

Rasayel has native integration with some of the biggest CRMs in the world. This allows businesses to easily sync contacts as well as see full WhatsApp communications and activities on the CRM and send WhatsApp messages from inside the CRM - excluding the need to switch between Rasayel & the CRM. Sales managers can generate in-depth reports about their team’s WhatsApp activities to ensure quality, see bottlenecks & make data-driven decisions.

More Advanced Automation

Rasayel allows businesses to choose from unlimited triggers and add unlimited in-flow conditions in the automation flows. They can use HTTP request for the bot builder to communicate with third party app, allowing advanced automations. Moreover, Rasayel’s in-WhatsApp fillable forms could be used for a range of sales needs such as lead generation form, demo booking form, feedback & more.

Why Rasayel?

Rasayel is built for B2B sales teams that use WhatsApp as their main customer communication channel. It gives you more flexibility over WhatsApp automation in triggers, assignment & in-WhatsApp forms for registrations, lead generation & more.

If you use HubSpot or Pipedrive & need a deep integration between your CRM & WhatsApp, Rasayel is a better choice. You get to see not only all of your WhatsApp chats and activities on HubSpot but are able to talk to customers over WhatsApp from HubSpot.

How to Use Rasayel to Sell on WhatsApp?

1. For Sales Agents

  • Lead Qualification Qualify your leads before interacting with them using chatbots and WhatsApp flows. Create a chatbot flow to ask qualifying questions, offer a lead generation form (Flow) which they can fill from inside the app and let the bot assign them to the right team and/or agents.
  • CRM Integration Automatically sync conversations with your CRM, saving time & reducing errors.
  • Follow-up Automation Build & automate message sequences to follow up with leads over time until they respond, ensuring no lead is dropped.

2. For Sales Managers

  • Agent Performance Reporting Generate detailed activity and performance reports for sales agents to track performance and hold them accountable from Rasayel and from the CRM based on WhatsApp activities.
  • Sales Team Collaboration Easily assign or reassign leads to teams and agents with round robin insuring a fair distribution of leads, share communication context among team members, and provide opportunities for coaching and quality assurance.
  • Define roles and permissions You have full autonomy over what roles your define for each team and/or agent and what permissions you give them.

Boost Your B2B Software Sales on WhatsApp with Rasayel

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Pricing: Rasayel vs

Rasayel Grow Plan ($400/month (annually) Growth Plan ($159/month (annually)
Unlimited contactsStarts at 1,000 Monthly Active Users (MAU)*
10 Users5 Users
HubSpot integration freeHubSpot integration ($200 additionally)
Onboarding support includedOnboarding add-on ($500)
incoming & outgoing webhooks, HTTP request supportedincoming & outgoing webhooks, HTTP request not supported
  • The number of unique contacts your business sends a message to or receives a message from per month.


Choosing the right platform for your B2B sales team can significantly impact your sales efficiency and customer interactions. While offers a versatile solution for businesses managing multiple communication channels, it may not cater specifically to the needs of businesses using WhatsApp as their primary channel.

Rasayel is purpose-built for B2B software companies selling over WhatsApp, providing advanced automation, deep CRM integration, and cost-effective pricing. By focusing solely on WhatsApp, Rasayel ensures a streamlined, efficient, and integrated sales process, making it a strong alternative for teams seeking to optimize their WhatsApp communications and drive better sales outcomes.

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