How to measure the success of your WhatsApp marketing campaigns

Miodrag Magyar
Last updated July 20, 2023
How to measure the success of your WhatsApp marketing campaigns

As businesses increasingly turn to messaging apps like WhatsApp to engage with their customers, measuring the success of your (WhatsApp marketing campaigns is essential. But with so many metrics to consider, knowing where to focus your efforts can be challenging. In this article, we’ll explore key metrics and tips to help you measure the success of your WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

Key metrics for measuring WhatsApp marketing campaigns

WhatsApp has become a popular platform for businesses to connect with their customers and promote their products or services. However, measuring the success of your WhatsApp marketing campaigns can be challenging.

Here are some key metrics you can use to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns:

Size of your broadcast lists

The number of customers in your WhatsApp broadcast list is a key metric to measure the success of your campaign. This metric indicates how many people are interested and opted-in to receive updates and promotions from your business. You can track the growth of your broadcast list over time and compare it with the number of people who have unsubscribed from your list.

If you are using the WhatsApp Business app, the size of your broadcast list is limited to only 256 customers. This means that you’d need to create more than one list if you have a larger audience.

The good news is, you can overcome this limitation by using WhatsApp Business Platform/API. Connect the API to a customer communication platform like Rasayel and scale your communications with advanced and unlimited broadcasts.

Plus, when you use WhatsApp Business Platform/API, you can utilize message templates and interactive messages. These features are ideal for personalized communication and increase customer engagement and satisfaction, further improving the results of your marketing campaigns.

Bulk messaging with Rasayel

If you want to learn more about advanced broadcasts, message templates, and interactive messages, read our posts:

Open rates

Open rates are the percentage of people who opened your message. This metric indicates your message’s effectiveness in capturing your customers’ attention. A low open rate may indicate that your message was not compelling enough or that your customers are not interested in your content.

These basic metrics, alongside statistics for sent, delivered, and received messages, are available with the WhatsApp Business app. However, if you are looking for detailed metrics for individual campaigns, you should switch to a platform like Rasayel, as the app does not offer analytics for each campaign separately.

Click-through rates

Click-through rates (CTR) measure the percentage of customers who clicked on a link or call-to-action (CTA) in your WhatsApp message. This metric indicates the level of engagement of your customers with your content. A high CTR indicates that your message was compelling and that your customers were motivated to take action.

CTR is the number of clicks that your message receives divided by the number of recipients multiplied by 100. So, if 1000 people open your message and 15 click the Call-to-Action button, your CTR is 15%.

If you want to have even more control and detailed insights into your WhatsApp marketing campaigns, using UTM codes can be highly beneficial.

Adding UTM parameters to your WhatsApp message links lets you track the specific sources and mediums that are driving clicks. This allows you to analyze the performance of different channels, campaigns, or even individual messages.

Conversion rates

Conversion rates measure the percentage of customers who took the desired action, such as making a purchase, filling out a form, or signing up for a service. This metric indicates the effectiveness of your WhatsApp marketing campaign in driving business outcomes. A high conversion rate indicates that your message and CTA were relevant and persuasive.

By tracking the conversion rate, you can understand the effectiveness of your WhatsApp marketing campaign in driving business outcomes and make data-driven decisions to optimize your campaigns for better results.

Customer retention

Without loyal and satisfied customers who return to your business and continue to use your products or services, you can’t expect your business to grow. Customer retention measures the percentage of customers who continue to engage with your business over time. This metric indicates the level of loyalty and satisfaction of your customers.

A high customer retention rate indicates that your WhatsApp marketing campaign was successful in building a strong relationship with your customers. On the other hand, if you have a low customer retention rate in your WhatsApp marketing campaign, it’s essential to take action to improve it.

Here are some tips to increase customer retention:

  1. Personalize your messages: Make sure that your messages are personalized and relevant to your customers. By tailoring your messages to their interests and needs, you can keep them engaged and interested in your brand.

Personalized interactive WhatsApp message.

  1. Provide value: Offer valuable content, promotions, and discounts that your customers will appreciate. By providing value, you can incentivize them to stay engaged with your brand and keep coming back for more.
  2. Engage with your customers: Engage with your customers regularly and respond to their queries and feedback promptly. By showing that you care about their needs and opinions, you can build a relationship of trust and loyalty.

Interactive WhatsApp message asking a customer for a feedback.

  1. Offer exclusive benefits: Offer exclusive benefits, such as early access to promotions, loyalty rewards, and personalized offers, to your loyal customers. You can incentivize them to continue engaging with your brand by rewarding their loyalty.
  2. Optimize your campaigns: Continuously test and optimize your WhatsApp marketing campaigns to understand what works best for your audience. Analyzing the data and making data-driven decisions can improve your campaigns’ effectiveness and keep your customers engaged.

Even more detailed metrics to help you increase productivity

Marketing campaigns are only half the battle to build meaningful customer relationships and grow your business. The other half is being successful in converting prospects into loyal customers.

WhatsApp Business Platform/API provides you with all important metrics that you can access through your customer communication platform. These metrics can help you identify the weaknesses and strengths of your customer journey funnel to optimize your customer communications.

Our analytics feature lets you see campaign results, who clicked on what buttons, answered your message, or didn’t do anything. Plus, you can export the detail of your campaign results in one click!

Campaign overview in Rasayel.

Rasayel’s reports also help you evaluate your team’s performance and provide insights on your messaging/conversation volume. In the Reports dashboard, you can see two main sections: Overview and Teams & Agents.

Overview and Teams & Agents

Overview section

This section shows general metrics on your teams’ performance and messaging volume in the selected period. In this section, you can see the following metrics:

  1. Messages received: This indicates the number of messages received within the selected time period.
  2. Resolution time: This refers to the average time taken by your team to close a conversation from the moment it was opened. If a conversation is opened and closed multiple times, we count the resolution time of each session.
  3. Average customer waiting time: This refers to the average time taken by your team to respond to a customer’s first message.
  4. Opened conversations: This indicates the total number of conversations opened during the selected time period.
  5. Closed conversations: This indicates the total number of conversations closed during the selected time period.

An overview of conversation metrics.

You can access a more detailed view by clicking on any metric to understand better the data presented in this section. That will reveal a breakdown of that metric, allowing for a more granular data analysis.

Messages received statistics.

This can be particularly useful when trying to identify patterns or trends that may not be immediately apparent from a high-level view of the data. Additionally, comparing the breakdowns of different metrics can help identify correlations between them, providing valuable insights into the underlying data.

Teams & Agents Section

This section contains metrics that are broken down by your teammates (agents). It can be helpful to evaluate the performance of each team member. The following metrics are available:

  1. Conversations per agent: the number of conversations handled by each teammate (agent).
  2. Resolution time: the average time taken by each agent to resolve a conversation.
  3. First response per agent: the average time taken by each agent to first respond to a conversation.
  4. Number of messages before closing: the average number of messages sent by each agent before closing a conversation.

Average number of messages sent by each agent before closing a conversation.


In order to analyze the performance of your team, you may need to adjust the date range of the metrics. The Date filters allow you to select one of the pre-defined date filters that suit your needs. You can use the Custom date filter if you require a more specific date range.

date filters in Rasayel.

You can also filter out channels, conversation tags, or even agents!

Property filters in Rasayel.

Tips for improving your WhatsApp marketing campaigns

To improve the effectiveness of your WhatsApp marketing campaigns, here are some helpful tips you can follow:

Personalize your messages

Personalization can help increase the engagement of your customers with your messages. Use your customers’ first names in your messages to make them feel more personal.

If you use the WhatsApp Business Platform/API connected to a WhatsApp inbox tool like Rasayel, you can send personalized messages at scale without having to add the name and relevant information for each customer. You can send thousands of messages using message templates with just a few clicks. These templates have variables marked with curly brackets and a number in between them and can be customized with customer-specific information. A typical message template sent to a customer named Mohamed would look like this:

Hi {{1}}, We released a new product. Check out our page now!

And the message that Mohamed receives would look like this:

Personalized WhatsApp message.

Keep messages short and sweet

WhatsApp messages have a limit of 4096 characters, so make sure that your messages are concise and to the point. Avoid using complex language and technical jargon that may confuse your customers. Instead, use simple language and clear CTAs to make it easier for your customers to understand your message and take action.

Provide value to your customers

Your WhatsApp marketing campaign should provide value to your customers by offering them relevant and useful information, discounts, or exclusive deals. Make sure that your messages are not solely focused on promoting your products or services but also on solving your customers’ problems and meeting their needs.

Test and optimize your campaigns

Regularly test and optimize your WhatsApp marketing campaigns to improve their effectiveness. A/B test your messages, visuals, and CTAs to see which ones perform better with your customers. Additionally, track your key metrics to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to optimize your campaigns.


Measuring the success of your WhatsApp marketing campaigns can be challenging, but it’s essential to ensure you’re achieving your marketing goals. By focusing on key metrics and following best practices, you can improve your campaigns and achieve better results. You can make informed decisions and drive better customer engagement with the right tools and strategies.

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