Manager’s guide to mastering WhatsApp for sales in HubSpot

Miodrag Magyar
Last updated September 29, 2023
Manager’s guide to mastering WhatsApp for sales in HubSpot

Remember when WhatsApp was just that app we used to catch up with friends? Jump a few years ahead and WhatsApp has become a go-to for businesses looking to boost their sales game. Imagine pairing that up with the power of HubSpot and the efficiency of a shared team inbox like Rasayel. If you want to supercharge WhatsApp for sales, this article is for you!

HubSpot is like that trusty swiss-army knife for sales and marketing, handling everything from campaigns to customer interactions. When you toss WhatsApp into the mix with the help of Rasayel, you’re setting yourself up for remarkable conversations and results.

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Let me walk you through how to turn WhatsApp into your secret sales weapon in HubSpot.

Before we begin

In essence, by integrating WhatsApp through Rasayel with HubSpot, you are not just opening a new communication channel but also supercharging your CRM capabilities. This results in better organization, task automation, performance tracking, and efficient customer communication. Key features include:

  1. Unified WhatsApp communication hub: A single platform to oversee all your WhatsApp interactions.
  2. Direct messaging from HubSpot: Send and receive WhatsApp messages without ever leaving your HubSpot interface.

WhatsApp messaging in HubSpot.

  1. Automated engagement: Harness the power of HubSpot Workflows to automate various WhatsApp messages, from follow-ups to demo reminders.

HubSpot workflow used for automating WhatsApp messaging.

  1. Marketing and outreach management: Launch, manage, and assess WhatsApp engagement campaigns and either sync or trigger them directly in HubSpot for comprehensive monitoring.
  2. Monitoring and tracking: With Rasayel’s real-time Engagement logging in HubSpot, every WhatsApp conversation is documented. This gives you a full view of all customer interactions, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

Logged WhatsApp message in HubSpot.

  1. Contact synchronization: The Rasayel platform matches contacts with those on HubSpot, streamlining your contact management process.
  2. Contact list imports: Import HubSpot contact lists into Rasayel in a few clicks, and use them in your WhatsApp mass engagement campaigns.
  3. Enhanced customer insights: By integrating WhatsApp through Rasayel, your team gains a deeper understanding of your customer’s preferences and behavior. This is especially valuable when assessing the effectiveness of your messages and tailoring future outreach.
  4. Centralized activity filters: Using the “WhatsApp for sales” filter in HubSpot, you can isolate and analyze WhatsApp interactions, making it easier to derive actionable insights and hone your strategies.
  5. Improved response time: Real-time notifications paired with the Rasayel mobile app allow your team to respond promptly and on-the-go. This increases customer satisfaction and can significantly boost your conversion rates.
  6. Holistic customer view: When your WhatsApp conversations are seamlessly integrated into HubSpot, you can have a complete picture of a customer’s journey. This view empowers more personalized and effective engagements, fostering stronger customer relationships.

The Rasayel integration between WhatsApp and HubSpot offers more than just convenience; it’s a strategic toolkit that elevates your CRM efforts, ensuring you stay ahead in the dynamic world of sales and customer engagement.

A quote by João Ferreira explaining the benefit of using Rasayel’s WhatsApp integration for HubSpot.

How to sell on WhatsApp?

Now that you’ve got the nuts and bolts of our WhatsApp integration for HubSpot, it’s time to optimize this powerful combination to your advantage. Here’s how you can use WhatsApp for sales with Rasayel:

1. Training and onboarding

  • Understanding is key: Before diving in, ensure your team understands the potential of this integration. Consider hosting an onboarding session highlighting best practices.
  • Regular check-ins: Dedicate time for weekly or monthly reviews, allowing team members to share their experiences, challenges, and success stories using the integration.

2. Segmentation and personalization

  • Dive deep into data: Segment your contacts based on their interaction patterns, preferences, and purchase history.
  • Craft tailored messages: Use this segmentation to craft personalized WhatsApp messages. Whether it’s a product recommendation or a special discount, make your audience feel valued and understood.

Personalized and tailored WhatsApp message, based on contact segmentation.

3. Automate thoughtfully

  • Identify repetitive tasks: Certain tasks, like sending follow-ups or demo reminders, can be automated over WhatsApp without losing the personal touch. Find these opportunities and let your HubSpot Workflows do the heavy lifting.
  • Monitor automation success: Regularly assess and adjust your automated workflows to optimize for better customer interactions.

4. Feedback loop

  • Make use of direct messaging: Given the direct nature of WhatsApp, it’s a fantastic platform for collecting customer feedback. Encourage your team to actively seek suggestions and feedback after key interactions or sales.
  • Iterate based on insights: Use this valuable feedback to refine your strategies, ensuring you always meet (or exceed) customer expectations.

5. Proactive support and sales

  • Stay alert with notifications: The quicker you respond, the more likely you are to close a deal or resolve a concern. Make sure your team is set up to receive and act on notifications promptly.
  • Use the holistic view: By understanding the entire customer journey, your sales and support teams can proactively address potential issues or upsell relevant products/services.

6. Regular updates and integrations

  • Stay updated: Technologies evolve. Make sure you’re always using the latest version of Rasayel and HubSpot to benefit from new features and optimizations. Sign up for updates here.
  • Explore complementary integrations: While the combination of WhatsApp, Rasayel, and HubSpot is potent, there might be other tools or platforms that can further enhance your CRM capabilities, such as Zapier. Always be on the lookout!

Wrapping up

The fusion of WhatsApp, Rasayel, and HubSpot isn’t just a tech integration; it’s a game changer for businesses aiming to leverage WhatsApp for sales. As you delve deeper into its capabilities, remember that the tool is only as effective as the strategy behind its use. With the right approach and continual refinement, the sky’s the limit for what you can achieve.

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