How to use WhatsApp in the travel and tourism industry

How to use WhatsApp in the travel and tourism industry

Are you tired of juggling multiple platforms and emails to manage your travel and tourism business? Look no further! WhatsApp, the ever-popular messaging app, has become a powerful tool for customer communications.

In this article, we’ll explore how using WhatsApp Business Platform/API, connected to a shared WhatsApp Inbox like Rasayel, can revolutionize the way you build and nurture customer relationships and drive business growth in all tourism sectors. Get ready for a stress-free and delightful travel experience!

Benefits of using WhatsApp in the travel and tourism industry

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app with over two billion users worldwide. So, if you need to get in touch with someone at any location in the world, chances are, you can find them on WhatsApp.

Using WhatsApp in the travel industry offers a range of benefits that enhance customer engagement and streamline communication. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Real-time updates: Provide instant updates to customers regarding flight delays, gate changes, hotel reservations, and other important information, ensuring a seamless travel experience.
  2. Personalized communication: Engage in personalized conversations with customers, understanding their preferences and tailoring recommendations accordingly. This fosters a more personalized and memorable travel experience.
  3. Efficient customer service: WhatsApp enables quick and efficient customer support, allowing travelers to seek assistance with queries, request information, and resolve issues conveniently in one platform.
  4. Enhanced customer satisfaction: Provide timely and relevant information to customers, ensuring their needs are met and ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction.
  5. Easy itinerary sharing: Share itineraries, travel documents, and other important details with customers, eliminating the need for printing or carrying physical copies.
  6. Automated responses: Deploy WhatsApp chatbots or automated responses to handle frequently asked questions, provide instant replies, and manage high-volume inquiries efficiently.
  7. Cost-effective solution: No need for international phone calls or SMS charges. It enables you to reach customers worldwide without incurring substantial costs.
  8. Marketing and promotion: Send exclusive offers, promotions, and travel recommendations to customers, increasing engagement and boosting cross-selling opportunities.

However, managing a high volume of messages via the WhatsApp Business app can be challenging:

  • Only five agents can answer customer inquiries
  • You are limited to only 256 contacts per broadcast list
  • Just the basic analytics are available
  • No integration with CRM platforms or other software
  • Limited automation options, etc.

Unlock the real power of WhatsApp

Rasayel is a customer communications platform designed specifically for WhatsApp. It offers innovative solutions ideal for catering to the unique needs of the travel industry. With our user-friendly interface and myriad features, you can enhance customer engagement, streamline operations, and ultimately boost your overall performance.

Rasayel WhatsApp Shared Team Inbox and mobile app

By harnessing the power of the WhatsApp Business Platform/API through Rasayel, you can unlock a multitude of benefits and gain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving market.

Here are some of the key features of Rasayel for travel and hospitality businesses:

  • Shared team inbox for collaborating and managing all your WhatsApp conversations in one place
  • Campaigns with WhatsApp message templates and messages with interactive features to scale your communications and get better engagement
  • WhatsApp chatbot for faster and more efficient customer interactions
  • Integration with your existing software. Rasayel integrates with HubSpot and Shopify, and through Zapier, you can integrate it with more than 5000 other software and tools.
  • Real-time customer support for prompt response and assistance
  • Reports for monitoring performance and making data-driven decisions

With these powerful features, you’d be sure to enhance customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, and drive growth in the competitive travel industry.

Use cases:

Help customers find the destination of their dreams

Imagine being able to assist your customers in finding their dream destination effortlessly. With WhatsApp Business, you can engage in personalized conversations, answer inquiries, and offer destination recommendations.

WhatsApp message template with travel destination options

You can provide images, videos, and links to travel blogs or websites to inspire and entice your customers. You’ll become their go-to travel expert by delivering a seamless and interactive experience.

Deliver real-time updates on your customer’s phone

Gone are the days of customers constantly checking their emails for updates or worrying about missing important information. With WhatsApp, you can send real-time updates directly to your customers’ phones.

WhatsApp message with hotel reservation update

Whether it’s flight delays, hotel confirmations, or exciting local events, your customers will be in the loop effortlessly. It’s like having a personal assistant in their pocket!

Efficiently manage requests over WhatsApp

Remember the frustration of waiting for days to get a response to a simple question? With WhatsApp Business Platform/API connected to a shared WhatsApp inbox like Rasayel, you can provide instant customer support and manage requests efficiently.

Utilize the power of automation and integration with tools like Zapier and HubSpot to streamline your workflows. With the right integrations, you can handle everything promptly, from booking inquiries to itinerary modifications, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Easily answer FAQs & provide customer service with a WhatsApp chatbot

Set up a WhatsApp chatbot to handle frequently asked questions, providing instant answers to common inquiries. Our chatbot builder lets you design a bot flow that suits your needs in just a couple of minutes. And you don’t need to be a technical person or have a tech team to do it.

Building a chatbot flow in Rasayel

When you deploy a chatbot, your customers can receive quick responses even outside of business hours, ensuring a delightful experience throughout their journey.

Send & collect billing, invoices & documents via WhatsApp

Nobody enjoys the hassle of managing paper documents while traveling. With WhatsApp Business, you can conveniently send and collect billing information, invoices, and personal documents.

A WhatsApp message with a link for downloading an invoice

It’s secure, efficient, and saves both you and your customers valuable time.

Conversational cross-selling and up-selling via WhatsApp

WhatsApp Broadcasts allow you to engage with a large audience while maintaining a personal touch. Leverage this feature for [marketing}( and share exclusive offers, discounts, and travel recommendations with your customers.

WhatsApp message offering an upgrade of travel arangements

You’ll boost cross-selling and up-selling opportunities by tailoring your messages to their preferences, enhancing customer satisfaction, and increasing revenue.

Send boarding passes & e-Tickets via WhatsApp

WhatsApp Business makes sending electronic tickets and boarding passes to your customers’ phones easy. Your customers don’t have to waste any time searching through emails or worrying about printing documents. Provide a seamless and paperless travel experience, ensuring a stress-free journey for your customers.

Interactive WhatsApp message with links for downloading a boarding pass and e-ticket

Concierge services with WhatsApp

With WhatsApp, you can offer personalized concierge services to your customers. Recommend the best restaurants, arrange airport transfers, or book exciting excursions, all through a simple conversation.

WhatsApp message offering concierge services

By providing exceptional service and going the extra mile, you’ll elevate your customers’ travel experiences and create unforgettable memories.

Handle complaints and refund over WhatsApp

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned, and customers may have complaints or require refunds. With WhatsApp, you can efficiently handle such situations with empathy and promptness. Address their concerns, provide updates on the resolution process, and ensure a smooth and satisfactory resolution.

Turning a negative experience into a positive one will strengthen customer trust and loyalty.

Collect feedback to improve your service

Feedback is invaluable for improving your services and meeting customer expectations. Utilize WhatsApp’s interactive features to gather feedback and reviews from your customers. Ask them about their travel experiences, suggestions for improvement, or recommendations for future destinations.

By actively listening to your customers, you’ll continuously enhance your offerings and create a loyal customer base.

Run a loyalty program with WhatsApp

Reward your loyal customers and keep them engaged with your travel brand through WhatsApp. Send exclusive offers, early access to promotions, or special discounts as a token of appreciation. Maintain a personalized connection and make them feel valued. You’ll foster brand loyalty and encourage repeat business by nurturing these relationships.

WhatsApp conversation in Rasayel with a client offering feedback

A screenshot from a WhatsApp conversation in Rasayel.

If you want to learn how to run a loyalty program with WhatsApp, read our recent blog post: How to create a loyalty program with WhatsApp.”


In conclusion, leveraging the power of WhatsApp Business Platform/API connected to a Shared WhatsApp Inbox like Rasayel can revolutionize travel planning and itinerary management. From providing personalized assistance to delivering real-time updates, managing requests efficiently, and offering exceptional customer service, WhatsApp offers a range of tools to enhance the travel experience for both businesses and customers. Embrace WhatsApp’s simplicity, convenience, and personal touch, and take your travel services to new heights. Happy travels!

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