How to use WhatsApp for order tracking updates

Miodrag Magyar
Last updated August 1, 2023
How to use WhatsApp for order tracking updates

Providing seamless customer experiences is crucial for businesses to thrive. One way to enhance customer satisfaction is by leveraging popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp to provide real-time tracking and order updates. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using the WhatsApp Business Platform/API for order notifications and share effective sales strategies to implement this feature in your business operations.

Benefits of using WhatsApp for order updates

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app, with over two billion active users worldwide. Integrating it into your order tracking and updates process offers several advantages:

Real-time communication

WhatsApp enables businesses to provide instant updates to customers regarding their order status, creating a sense of transparency and trust.

Increased engagement

By delivering order updates directly to customers’ WhatsApp accounts, you ensure higher visibility and engagement compared to traditional communication channels like email or SMS.

Types of order alerts

When using WhatsApp for tracking and order updates, it’s crucial to utilize a range of order notifications to keep your customers informed. You can scale this process by utilizing WhatsApp message templates. These messages can be personalized with the API connected to a WhatsApp Shared Team Inbox like Rasayel.

Templates have variables and placeholders marked with a number between double curly brackets. For example, a payment confirmation message containing the name of the customer, the name and the amount of the product they have paid for, and the delivery date can look like this:

Hi {{1}}, we have received your payment of {{2}} for a total of {{3}} bags. The expected delivery date is {{4}}.

You can also use interactive message templates that can have reply buttons, links or a phone number. By clicking the replay button, the customer can respond without typing the answer. By clicking the links or the phone number, they will be taken to your website or connected directly to your phone number.

Here are six essential types of alerts:

Order confirmation

After customers place an order with you, it’s important to send an order confirmation promptly. This notification serves as a simple way to acknowledge their order and provide specific details regarding what they can expect from your business.

WhatsApp message for order confirmation

Hello {{1}}, Thank you for placing an order with our business! We’re excited to inform you that your order has been received and is being processed. Below are the details of your order: Order number: {{2}} Order date: {{3}} Delivery on or before {{4}}

Order shipped

Informing customers about the shipment of their order is a vital alert. Let them know that their package has left the warehouse and is en route to their location. Include essential information like a tracking ID and an estimated arrival time to keep them well-informed.

WhatsApp message with an Order shipped update

Hello {{1}}, your order number {{2}} has been prepared for shipment. You will receive your item within the next 7 days. You may track your order status here: {{3}} Thank you for your purchase! 

Order en route

Keeping customers informed about the progress of their package is key. Send an alert when their order is in transit, ensuring they are prepared for its imminent arrival. Providing an estimated delivery date in this message is beneficial, allowing customers to gauge the remaining time before their item reaches them.

WhatsApp message with an Order en route update

Hello {{1}},
We're excited to let you know that your order is now en route to its destination! Here are the details:
Order Number: {{2}}
Order Date: {{3}}
Estimated Delivery Date: {{4}}

Order delivered

Once the package has been delivered to the customer’s doorstep, seize the opportunity to provide excellent customer service. Send an alert acknowledging the successful delivery and consider offering incentives such as discounts, coupon codes, or free shipping on their next order.

WhatsApp message with an Order delivered update

Hello {{1}}, Great news! Your order has been successfully delivered to your doorstep. 
🥳 We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing our business and offer you a special incentive for your next purchase. 🤩
Use the coupon code {{2}} during checkout to get {{3}} off on your next order. 

Additionally, invite customers to share feedback about their experience, allowing you to enhance your services further.

Non-delivered order follow-up

In instances where a customer hasn’t received their order within the specified timeframe or has reached out to inquire about it, it’s essential to respond promptly. Send a follow-up message reassuring them that your team is diligently working to expedite the delivery process.

WhatsApp message with a Non-delivered order follow-up

*Hello {{1}}, We apologize for the delay in delivering your order. 
Our team is actively working to resolve the issue and expedite the delivery process.*

Setting up WhatsApp order notifications

To implement WhatsApp order tracking effectively, follow these steps:

1. Connect your Shared Team Inbox to the WhatsApp Business Platform/API

The WhatsApp Business API enables the integration of a WhatsApp Business account (WABA) with virtually any software or tool, providing access to advantageous features such as marketing initiatives, automatic order confirmations, and chatbots.

As the API lacks a direct interface, you’d need to connect it with your CRM or team inbox to send messages and use the powerful features it offers.

Rasayel platform and mobile app

Ensure you have explicit consent from customers to send them order updates via WhatsApp. During the purchase journey, implement an opt-in process, preferably with a checkbox or confirmation step.

For more information on this, here’s the official guide on how to obtain opt-in.

4. Create and submit your templates for approval

Design templates that include dynamic placeholders for personalized information, such as customer names, order numbers, and tracking IDs. Once your templates are ready, submit them to your messaging platform.

Here’s how easy it is to create and submit an interactive WhatsApp message template with Rasayel:

Rasayel template builder

Custom templates streamline your order alert process and contribute to a consistent and cohesive customer experience throughout their journey with your business.

5. Automate WhatsApp order notifications

Integrate your order management system with the WhatsApp Business API to trigger automated notifications at key stages, such as order confirmation, shipping updates, and delivery notifications.

If you use Shopify, read our recent article: How to send automated Shopify order notifications on WhatsApp.

Crafting effective WhatsApp order notifications

When designing your WhatsApp order updates, keep the following best practices in mind:

Keep it clear and concise

Craft concise messages that communicate essential information about the order, including the order number, expected delivery date, and tracking details.

Personalize messages

Address customers by name and include personalized details like product names and quantities to make the notifications more tailored and relevant. With Rasayel, you can easily personalize thousands of messages with just a few clicks by creating WhatsApp message templates with placeholders. The variables are filled dynamically by pulling data from your broadcast list or any software you integrated.

Use Call-To-Action buttons

Incorporate buttons with clear CTAs (Call-to-Actions) in your messages, allowing customers to track their orders directly or contact support if needed.

Provide customer support

Include contact information or a direct link to your customer support channel in case customers have questions or need assistance.

Monitor and optimize

After implementing WhatsApp order updates, monitor their effectiveness using delivery, open rates, and customer feedback metrics. Use this data to optimize your messaging strategy and improve the overall customer experience.

Rasayel’s Reports feature gives you access to all metrics that can be important to your company.

Overview of analytics in Rasayel


By leveraging the power of WhatsApp for tracking and order updates, businesses can provide a seamless and personalized customer experience. You can enhance customer satisfaction, improve engagement, and foster long-term loyalty with real-time notifications and personalized interactions. Implement the steps outlined in this article, and you’ll be on your way to delighting your customers with convenient, transparent, and efficient order updates via WhatsApp.

Remember, adopting a customer-centric approach and continually optimizing your messaging strategy based on customer feedback will ensure that your WhatsApp order updates deliver maximum value and drive business growth.

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