How to send a WhatsApp message from HubSpot?

Miodrag Magyar
Published July 30, 2023
Last updated September 29, 2023
How to send a WhatsApp message from HubSpot?

WhatsApp, with its two billion-plus users, has emerged as a leading platform for businesses to reach out and connect. We’ve integrated Rasayel with HubSpot to let you send WhatsApp messages directly from your dashboard.

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A step-by-step guide for sending WhatsApp messages from HubSpot

  • Begin by logging into your HubSpot dashboard. Once inside, click on Contacts.
  • Browse through your contacts and click on the one you wish to send a message to.
  • Once the modal window opens, there’s a chance the conversation with the contact has expired - 24 hours have passed after the last message the contact has sent to you. If that’s the case, you’ll need to use a WhatsApp message template. Click the “Send Template or Bot flow” button and select the appropriate template for your message. You need to create these templates in advance and submit them to WhatsApp for approval before you are able to use them.
    • As you noticed, you have the option to send a bot flow instead of a template. If you want to use this option, first you’d need to create a proactive bot in Rasayel. If you want to learn how to design a proactive chatbot flow, read our recent post “How to create a proactive WhatsApp bot?

Rasayel modal for messaging in HubSpot

  • Modify the template by filling the placeholders for variables tailored to your contact or the message’s context. In this case, I used a simple template with only one variable - the name of the contact.

Adding data to variables in a WhatsApp message template.

  • Click the Send button in the bottom right corner and the contact will receive your message on their WhatsApp app.

A Whatsapp message sent from HubSpot.

Once the contact responds, the conversation will be reopened. From there, you can continue to communicate with the customer without templates.

WhatsApp conversation in HubSpot


Embracing modern tools like WhatsApp for business communication is crucial in today’s landscape. With Rasaye’s HubSpot integration for WhatsApp, you now have an even more straightforward and integrated method to ensure you’re always in touch with your audience.

By combining the power of our HubSpot integration with the reach of WhatsApp, you can provide timely, relevant, and personal communication, further enhancing your relationship with customers. So, if you haven’t tried sending a WhatsApp message from HubSpot, now might be the perfect time to start.

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