How to integrate Google Sheets with Rasayel using Zapier

Miodrag Magyar
Published May 22, 2023
Last updated June 8, 2023
How to integrate Google Sheets with Rasayel using Zapier

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Rasayel and Google Sheets are two powerful tools that can significantly enhance your team’s productivity. But what if you could integrate the two and automate certain processes? With Zapier, you can easily connect Google Sheets and Rasayel to automate tasks and streamline communication.

In this article, we’ll show you how to use Zapier to create a seamless integration between Google Sheets and Rasayel. More precisely, how to automate proactive messages to customers whenever someone from your team adds a new spreadsheet row.

How the flow works

Step 1

A team member adds a new customer to the specified spreadsheet. They create a new row containing the name of a new customer and their WhatsApp number.

A team member adds a new customer to the specified spreadsheet.

Step 2

Zapier will process that change and send a proactive message to the new customer (or customers).

Zapier sends a proactive message to the new customer

How to create this Zap?

Creating a Zap that integrates Google Sheets with Rasayel is fairly straightforward. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

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Click or scan this:

Step 1

Create a new Zap.

Creation of a new Zap in Zapier.

Step 2

Find Google Spreadsheet in the search feature.

Under Event, choose New Spreadsheet Row (Team Drive).

Choosing an app and event.

Step 3

Select your account and click Continue to set up the trigger.

Selectin an account.

Step 4

Next, choose the Drive location, select the Spreadsheet document, and the Worksheet.

Step 4 of creating a Zap in Zapier.

Step 5

Test the trigger, click Continue to proceed.

Testing the trigger in Zapier.

Step 6

In the next window, you’d need to find Rasayel.

Under Event, choose a Proactive Template Message.

Selecting an event to trigger an action in Zapier.

Step 7

Select the account you want the message template to be sent from.


Step 8

Next you’d need to Set up the action.

Under receiver, choose the column containing the numbers of the customers.

Under Channel ID, choose your preferred channel.

Under Message Template, choose the template you want to be used. For the purpose of this article, I chose a template for customers enrolled in a referral program.

Since the message templates have placeholders for personal information, such as the name of the customer, under Body select the spreadsheet row containing names.


Step 9

Test the action, and if everything works, Publish the Zap.

Testing the action in Zapier.

That’s it. From now on, whenever you update your spreadsheet with new rows, a proactive message will automatically be sent to your customers, allowing you to focus on what really matters - getting things done.

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