How to increase post-purchase engagement with WhatsApp

Miodrag Magyar
Last updated September 2, 2023
How to increase post-purchase engagement with WhatsApp

Did you know that boosting customer retention rates by a mere 5% has the potential to enhance profits by anywhere from 25% to 95%?

In the modern world of e-commerce, customer communication doesn’t end with the sale. The post-sales experience can define customer loyalty and significantly influence repeat business. WhatsApp, with its whopping more than two billion active users worldwide, provides a potent channel for post-sales engagement.

With a powerful tool like Rasayel, you can harness the true potential of the WhatsApp Business Platform/API for efficient and effective customer communication management. With Rasayel you can automate workflows and leverage a wide range of integrations with platforms such as Shopify, HubSpot, and over 5000+ apps via Zapier.

Why should you use WhatsApp to engage post-purchase?

WhatsApp isn’t just a personal messaging app; it’s a thriving marketplace. By integrating the most popular messaging app into your marketing strategy, you can cultivate meaningful interactions with your customers and keep generating revenue. Here are some stats that confirm the above:

Why should you optimize WhatsApp engagement with Rasayel?

Rasayel transcends the conventional customer communication boundaries, offering a unified WhatsApp inbox that enhances your team’s efficiency and performance. When you use Rasayel, you get:

By centralizing all customer interactions, you can effectively manage customer inquiries and drive sales with a robust communication strategy.

How to use WhatsApp to re-engage customers after sales

Engaging customers after a sale is crucial to retaining them and promoting loyalty. WhatsApp, with its vast global reach and direct communication capabilities, can be a powerful tool to achieve this. Here’s how you can utilize WhatsApp to re-engage customers post-sale:

Use WhatsApp to send real-time order and delivery notifications

Keep your customers continuously in the loop. Instantly update your customers on the status of their orders, ensuring they know exactly when their items are prepared, shipped, and delivered.

Order and delivery notification on Whatsapp

Promote high-demand items via WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a great channel to keep your customers informed about current stock levels. This is especially useful for items in high demand, allowing customers to be aware of when their favorite products are back in stock.

A WhatsApp message notifyin a customer theat a product is back in stock.

Hi {{1}},

Great news! The product you were looking for, {{2}}, is back in stock. Hurry, quantities are limited, and they’re selling fast!

Thank you for shopping with us!

Send tailored recommendations via WhatsApp

Add a personal touch to your customer interactions. Tailored product recommendations and exclusive brand offers can stimulate repeat purchases.

Tailored recommendation over WhatsApp

Promote referral and loyalty programs via WhatsApp

You can inform your customers about these programs and how they can benefit. Let them know the rewards they stand to gain for referring a friend or consistently choosing your business for their needs.

One effective way to make these messages more engaging is by utilizing personalized campaigns. By using variables of data attributes, such as the customer’s name, past purchases, or reward points, you can tailor the message so that each customer receives a personal and unique notification.

Referral promotion over WhatsApp

Whether it’s discounts, points, or exclusive access to new products, highlight these incentives to stir their interest.

Furthermore, consider automating these messages with a WhatsApp chatbot to ensure all eligible customers are informed promptly. You can also send regular updates on point balances and reward redemption options to keep your customers engaged.

Offer frictionless customer service with a WhatsApp chatbot

Chatbots can manage a multitude of customer inquiries around the clock, resolving basic queries, guiding users through various services, and even helping with order placements.

Chatbot flow in Rasayel’s chatbot builder

Furthermore, a chatbot can handle multiple conversations simultaneously, eliminating the pressure on customer service teams during peak times. In situations where human intervention is needed, the chatbot can seamlessly assign the query to a customer service representative.

Use WhatsApp to collect feedback and social proof

Following a purchase, you can send out personalized messages requesting feedback or reviews. This not only gives you invaluable insights into your products and services but also helps build a bank of social proof. You can share positive reviews (with the user’s permission) on your website or other marketing channels, creating a powerful testimony to the quality of your offerings.

Collecting feedback over WhatsApp

Streamline return and exchange communication via WhatsApp

With real-time, direct messaging, customers can quickly and easily inform you about their intention to return or exchange products. From initiating the return process to providing instructions for shipping, every step can be communicated seamlessly through WhatsApp.

return and exchange communication via WhatsApp

Automated responses can expedite the process, ensuring customers feel acknowledged and valued, even when your team is unavailable. In the event of a product exchange, you can notify customers about the status of their new product and its expected delivery time.

Offer shopping assistance and how-to guides on WhatsApp

Offer personalized shopping assistance by guiding customers through product selection, providing recommendations based on their preferences, and answering any queries they might have.

Similarly, you can send how-to guides to educate customers about the usage and benefits of your products. WhatsApp supports multimedia messages, so you can send texts, PDF files, or video tutorials.

Common mistakes to avoid

While WhatsApp and Rasayel together offer an exceptional platform for customer engagement, there are a few pitfalls to avoid:

Avoid over-promotion

While promotions and sales are important, high-frequency sales messages can overwhelm and frustrate customers. Strive for balance.

Minimize low-urgency updates

Don’t inundate customers with low-urgency announcements or updates. This can include minor changes to terms and conditions, general newsletters, announcements of future sales far in advance, unrelated surveys or feedback requests, and frequent status updates on non-urgent orders.

Focus on keeping communication relevant and valuable to prevent inundating customers with unnecessary information.

Don’t sell all the time

Building relationships is more than just selling. Use the platform to connect, assist, and provide value, fostering customer loyalty that drives long-term revenue.


The intersection of WhatsApp and Rasayel offers a potent avenue for enhancing post-sales engagement. By understanding the capabilities of these platforms and utilizing them wisely, businesses can cultivate robust customer relationships, leading to increased customer satisfaction and repeat business.

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