How to create a WhatsApp chatbot for fashion brands?

Miodrag Magyar
Published July 13, 2023
Last updated August 1, 2023
How to create a WhatsApp chatbot for fashion brands?

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Today, more than ever, staying connected with your customers is crucial. One powerful tool that has revolutionized the way fashion brands interact with customers is the WhatsApp chatbot.

So, what exactly is a WhatsApp chatbot? Simply put, it’s a virtual assistant designed to interact with users through WhatsApp. This sophisticated technology can provide automated responses, offer fashion tips, suggest outfits, showcase new arrivals, and much more.

There are two main types of chatbots: rule-based and AI-powered. Rule-based chatbots follow pre-defined rules and can answer specific questions, while AI-powered chatbots use machine learning to understand natural language and provide more personalized responses. Both types have unique applications in the fashion industry, allowing you to deliver exceptional customer experiences effortlessly. In this article, I’ll focus on rule-based WhatsApp chatbots.

Before we begin

Before we delve into the exciting possibilities this technology offers, let’s lay the foundation for your chatbot’s success. Clear objectives are essential. So, let’s explore how to embark on this fashion-forward journey armed with data-driven insights and the right technology.

Define your WhatsApp chatbot’s objectives

Before diving into the world of chatbots, it’s essential to have clear objectives in mind. Determine what you want your WhatsApp chatbot to achieve. Are you aiming to boost customer engagement, increase sales, or offer personalized style advice? Defining your goals will guide your chatbot’s development and ensure its success.

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Identify your WhatsApp target audience and preferences

Understanding your target audience and their fashion preferences is key to tailoring a chatbot experience that resonates with them. Gather data and insights from previous interactions, surveys, and customer feedback to create a personalized and enjoyable chatbot journey.

Select the right technology

To build a successful WhatsApp chatbot, you need the right tools. First off, the WhatsApp Business app doesn’t support chatbots. For that, you’d need to use WhatsApp Business Platform/API connected to a WhatsApp Shared Team Inbox like Rasayel.

Rasayel’s platform and mobile app

The best part? You don’t need to be a tech genius! Rasayel offers an intuitive chatbot builder, no coding skills required. This means that fashion brands of all sizes can easily create and launch their chatbot without any technical barriers.

Building a chatbot flow in Rasayel

Design the chatbot flow

Designing the chatbot flow involves creating a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Ensure that your chatbot can efficiently handle common inquiries, showcase fashion tips, suggest outfits based on individual preferences, and provide updates on new arrivals. A seamless and enjoyable experience will keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Now, if you’ve done your homework and diligently segmented your WhatsApp contact list, the benefits are just around the corner. You can add conditions, such as gender and contact tags, that will trigger a specific bot when receiving a message from a particular group of your WhatsApp audience.

By tailoring your chatbot’s triggers and offerings to specific customer groups, you’ll witness a surge in engagement and satisfaction. Your customers will feel like you’ve designed the chatbot exclusively for them, and that personal touch goes a long way in winning hearts and inspiring loyalty.

If you want to learn how to segment your audience, read our recent post: “Boost engagement with WhatsApp customer segmentation.”

To kickstart your chatbot journey, I’ve prepared this simple yet effective chatbot flow. It serves as a stepping stone to help you understand the process and get your first chatbot up and running.

Buidling a fashion chatbot in Rasayel

And here’s my chatbot in action:

Example of a conversation with a fashion chatbot

And here is your step-by-step guide to building a chatbot flow

Let’s get practical! We’ll create a reactive chatbot flow that triggers whenever a customer send’s you a message containing a specific keyword. I’ll guide you step-by-step through building your chatbot using Rasayel’s user-friendly chatbot builder.

  1. Open Rasayel and click the chatbot icon
  2. Click “Create a bot
  3. Select “Receive message” or “Send a template.” If you select “Receive message,” you will create a reactive chatbot. If you select “Send a template,” you will create a proactive chatbot.


  1. Select a channel
  2. Add condition
  3. Drag a Simple message or an Interactive message (offering quick reply options to continue the flow.
  4. Compose your first message, and add buttons for replies.
  5. Attach the message to the flow.
  6. Add new messages that will trigger after the user clicks one of the options for quick replies to the previous message.
  7. If you add a Simple message, you can choose what happens next:
    1. Connect to agents
    2. Connect to a team
    3. Close conversation
    4. Tag conversation

After adding all the steps, you can review your flow. And if you’re happy with it, just press Set Live. From that point on, your flow will be triggered on every new WhatsApp conversation, starting with the keyword you assigned.

Supported actions

  • Sending a message
  • Sending a message with interactive buttons
  • Redirecting the conversation to an agent
  • Closing conversation
  • Permanently closing conversation
  • Multiple actions per message
  • Assigning to specific users
  • Tagging conversations
  • More filter options

Who let the bots out? A success story

Modanisa, an online fashion retailer, implemented two chatbots on the WhatsApp Business Platform to improve customer service and boost sales.

The first chatbot, called “Nisa,” efficiently resolved about 70% of customer inquiries without the need for live support, leading to a 36% reduction in call center operating costs. As a result, over 50% of customer engagements now come through WhatsApp, shifting from traditional call center channels.

WhatsApp conversation with a WhatsApp chatbot deployed by Mondisa

Additionally, 55% of customers using the chatbot made their first-ever orders through WhatsApp, and 10% of customers engaging in the WhatsApp sales channel went on to make purchases. The implementation of these chatbots provided quick and digitized service, saving costs and increasing sales for Modanisa.

WhatsApp conversation with a WhatsApp chatbot deployed by Mondisa

Read the full story here.


WhatsApp chatbots are a game-changer for fashion brands. They offer a direct and personalized way to engage with your audience, increase sales, and provide outstanding customer experiences. Now it’s your turn to take action! Start building your own chatbot using Rasayel’s platform and elevate your fashion brand to new heights of success.

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