How to create a proactive WhatsApp chatbot?

Miodrag Magyar
Published July 25, 2023
Last updated September 18, 2023
How to create a proactive WhatsApp chatbot?

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A proactive WhatsApp chatbot is a bot that initiates actions or conversations without waiting for a user’s input. They utilize pre-programmed rules to engage with users, offering assistance or information before being asked.

An excellent example of a proactive bot could be a customer service bot that reaches out with a special offer or reminder.

What makes a proactive WhatsApp bot special?

The proactive WhatsApp chatbot can initiate conversations through pre-designed templates within campaigns or individually via the inbox.

For instance, they can promote exclusive offers, timely discounts, or introduce a new product line, ensuring your promotional content reaches customers directly through a trusted platform.

Moreover, during large-scale campaigns, proactive bots can provide real-time updates, personalized suggestions, or even administer flash polls to gauge customer interest.

Additionally, proactive bots are indispensable in post-sale scenarios. Whether a courtesy check-in after a purchase, collecting feedback, or offering after-sales support, a proactive chatbot ensures customers feel valued and attended to.

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How to build a proactive chatbot?

In our recent post, “A simple strategy for creating a user-friendly WhatsApp chatbot,” we showed you how to build a chatbot for WhatsApp that can answer customer queries. In this article, we will create one that can initiate customer conversations.

  1. On your Rasayel dashboard, choose Bots → Create a bot
  2. Select the “Send a template” option
  3. Select a channel
  4. Pick the appropriate template
  5. Click “Create trigger
  6. Drag and drop the “Simple Message” not onto the flow.
  7. Write the chatbot message and if you would like to assign this conversation to an agent when the client responds, toggle “Connect to agents” and select the agent’s name.

Benefits of using proactive WhatsApp chatbots

  • User engagement: Engage with customers proactively, enhancing the overall customer experience.
  • Increased conversion: Reach potential clients at the right moment to boost conversion rates.
  • Seamless integration: Easy integration with various other systems and platforms.

Benefits of using Rasayel to create a WhatsApp chatbot

Rasayel offers an incredibly user-friendly and accessible way to create a WhatsApp chatbot. Our chatbot builder requires no coding skills or knowledge, making it easy to use for anyone at any technical level.

You can build a powerful WhatsApp chatbot in minutes. Rasayel’s intuitive drag-and-drop process makes it simple. It’s as easy as building a Lego set.

Wrapping up

Proactive WhatsApp bots are transforming the way businesses communicate and engage with customers. By following the steps outlined above, creating a proactive bot in Rasayel becomes a streamlined process, allowing you to enhance customer service and boost sales.

With the rise in conversational commerce and the importance of personalized engagement, there has never been a better time to deploy proactive bots.

By leveraging the tools and capabilities within Rasayel, you can create a powerful and efficient bot that aligns with your brand’s goals and delivers real business value.

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